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Doodle. — Treasures Found.

on January 7, 2014

I used to get so anxious when people messed with my lists and To Do notebooks.

I needed them to be pretty close to uncluttery.

But as usual, having kiddos has made me let that little obsession for perfection go.

(Just like Felix had to let go of the whole “no spots on the faucet’ thing he used to fuss about several years ago.)

Now,  every so often, I will flip through my To Do list notebook and find little treasures.

Little treasures left as doodles by the boy child.

Now, I’m so glad when I find these.

They are like snapshots of  his five year old thinking. Right now.


Yes. Yes, you are smart. Always believe this. But never ever begin to think that you are too smart to learn.

penguin named bacon

You have an awesome imagination. I hope you will always make time for play. And dream up penguins named “Bacon”. (Actually, the teacher in me thinks you are spelling “Penguin” there at the top…But as your Momma, I just think it is pretty ironic that it also looks a lot like “Bacon”.)

tgiving meal      santa

Holidays are magical. And I get the message, you are not a fan of turkey or … mashed potatoes, maybe? At least right now. I am betting that will change as you get older. But I think we both agree that Santa is awesome and should always be in color!


Always know this. You will always be in my heart, too, Buddy. (That is X and Me! Just in case you couldn’t tell!)

You. You are a treasure.

And so are your random doodles.


4 responses to “Doodle. — Treasures Found.

  1. Jan says:

    That is so, so precious!!!!! Treasures, that is what they are! ❤

  2. alanham73 says:

    Smiling right now. I have a notebook just like that. So fun!

  3. Treasures indeed! And I had to chuckle–those spots on the faucet…me too, only now I’m grateful if it’s ONLY spots on the faucet 🙂
    And the Thanksgiving drawings made me think of my son in kindergarten, cried and cried when he got class work back and it was wrong–he did not circle the turkey as something relevant to Thanksgiving…see, we’r’e Chinese and we do a huge gourmet Chinese spread with family then, we don’t eat turkey! When I explained it all, he was dumbfounded, “What?! Why didn’t you ever tell me?” and I’m like “What?! How could you not know?!”

  4. I’ve kept doodles too (they’re even in my Bible) and some of those doodles are over 20 years old now! 🙂

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