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Continue. — Random Holiday Traditions NOT To Be Monkeyed With.

I believe in tradition.

Growing up with some family traditions gives you a strong foundation. Because you know what to expect. You get excited about little things. You look forward to these little things happening. And as you grow up, you share these traditions, these ways of doing things with others.

Sure, you adjust. You are flexible as you need to be based on events and people and time.

Traditions are a guide. Traditions give you a place to start.

And I believe with all of my heart…that you don’t … “monkey with tradition.”

A line I stole from the movie, ‘Mystic Pizza’, and made it one of my life’s ambitions.

I am the glue. I am the memory. I am the keeper of the tradition.

I feel a responsibility to keep them going. To keep them alive. Even if no one notices or is even paying attention, it is important to me that we keep doing these things.

So here is a list of our random family holiday traditions.

That should never ever be monkeyed with.



1. We open all of the family presents on Christmas Eve.

2. Santa brings unwrapped presents on Christmas morning.

3. Our elf on the shelf is named, Holly. I know, he has a girl name, but he’s a boy. Elf’s do that sometimes. Apparently. Especially when they are named by 5 year old girls.

4. Holly shows up on the first night that the Christmas tree lights go on. That’s how he knows to come.

5. The tree always goes up after Thanksgiving and usually comes down after New Year’s Day.

6. On Christmas Eve, the kiddos get to hug and kiss Holly goodbye. But he must be on the tree before bedtime so Santa can find him and take him home.

7. You may not go downstairs on Christmas morning before Momma. She must get the picture of the kiddos at the top of the stairs in full excitement mode.  It’s a Momma Rule. And Momma Rules can’t be broken.

8. We will have Monkey Bread for breakfast on Christmas morning. And we eat our Monkey Bread off of little blue Snowman plates. That is the only action those plates see all year.

monkeybread plate

9. We drive about 45 minutes to see Santa each year. We meet family friends for lunch and listen to THE Santa sing songs, play guitar and tell stories. It is pure Christmas magic. We believe.

10. We will always give our friends an ornament of some sort as a Christmas present.

11. We will always give a photo calendar to our Nanas, Maws and PawPaws.

12. There will always be 3 new ornaments added to the tree each year: one with a picture of X, one with a picture of Y and one with a picture of me and Felix together. Each with the current year engraved on it.

13. At Maw Betty’s house, we will always hang the “Horton Balls”, handmade ornaments with each person’s name on one.  New additions of babies or unions are added each year.


14. We open presents one at a time. Sometimes we clap for each present. But not always.

15. We watch the TBS 24 hours of A Christmas Story for … well, almost 24 hours. I’m actually sad when it is over.

New Year’s Eve (My favorite holiday):

16. We bring the neighbors some oranges.

17. We eat 12 grapes at midnight.

18. We make our Family Mind Map of Goals for the new year.

Valentine’s Day:

19. Is always Family Fondue Night! A night for us to stay in and enjoy each our family, while dipping random food into chocolate.

Christmas 2010 - Feb 18 2011 387

Fourth of July aka Y’s Birthday:

20. Fireworks. No matter where we are. Fireworks.


21. We use the classic plastic pumpkins to go trick or treating. No bags or pillow cases for us.

Halloween 2010 031


22. We go to an indoor water park on or around this holiday.


23. You can have Monkey Bread for Breakfast if you would like. You always get to choose the food for the day.

24. There will be a sunrise walk and photo shoot on the beach and I will make you hold up your fingers to show your age. Guaranteed.

25. There will be number candles on your cakes. Not just the number of individual candles, but candles (and sometimes even the cakes) in the shape of numbers. Because they are cool.

July 4th weekend 130

And because it is … tradition.

And…say it with me“You don’t monkey with tradition.” 

You just keep making new ones.

Merry Christmas, Action Worders!


Need. — Who Am I To Decide?

At this time of year, we are often compelled to give.

Give to others.

Others in need.

We give canned goods for the local food pantry.

We buy presents for children on Angel trees.

We tip better and make lists of gifts to buy for others.

We put together baskets of holiday meals for local families.

I have participated in these collections, in these canned food drives, in these angel trees, in these many acts of gift giving.

And every now and then, I have discovered that someone, some family, some child seems to be found on more than one list for giving.

I discover that they are receiving a basket of food from the school and a bag of gifts from the local church.

They are getting to go to the community center party and getting new clothes and shoes from the local Rotary club.

And I’m a little ashamed to think that I have probably thought  at some point or another, and maybe I’ve even said things out loud like, “See, that is what really bothers me … when people take advantage.”

But here’s the thing I have learned recently.

Who am I to judge?

Who am I to decide?

Who am I to have anything at all to say about who is really in need and who is only kind of in need?

Statistics show that the majority of us are really only six months away from poverty at any given moment …  if a tragic, devastating event were to occur in our lives. (Many of these start with the letter ‘D’.)

Death. Divorce. Disease. Deployment. Destruction. Disaster. Debt. Deceit.

We are all just a few bad choices or one act of very bad luck away from being …there.

And if we ever find ourselves…there…in need. In need of help. In need of the local food pantry. In need of help at Christmas.

If we ever find that we have to show up and get in line and look at others and ask for help. If we ever find that we have to put ourselves and our families on any and every list for help that is available. Then…

We wouldn’t want others judging us; deciding if we are really in need or only kind of in need?

Would we?


Because if we are … there; if we’ve made the decision to ask, to seek out help … then we are indeed in need.

Need is relative. And it is also personal.

So when people seek out help for their needs, it is not up to me whether or not to provide help. It is not up to me to judge whether the need is really needed.

It is up to me to give with a joyful heart.

And do what I can to meet needs and fill wants.

Let’s all, Go. Do that.

P.S. I continue to be overwhelmed by the amount of generosity of people everywhere. We are still collecting donations for the families of the local food pantry to provide a present for each child and grandchild. If you would like to help, we are getting closer to meeting needs and filling wants…only need about $1100 more dollars to make it happen. If you are able to help, you can make a donation online:

The Giving Tree Angel Tree


Revise. — A New Holiday Calendar.

Last week, my alarm clock started making its typical noise at 4:30 a.m.

But as I jerked myself awake and reached for the snooze button, I realized the song playing was Wham!’s Last Christmas.

“Last Christmas, I gave you my heart and the very next day, you gave it away…”

Which is wrong on so many levels. 1) That song was stuck in my head for the rest of the day. 2) I’m not a George Michael fan. But mostly, 3) It is not even Thanksgiving yet, why are we hearing Christmas songs already?!

I shouldn’t have been surprised, I started seeing red and green stuff mixed in with the orange and black back in October.

So, what if every holiday were like Christmas these days? What if every holiday started 2 months ahead of its schedule?

First of all, we could mark Valentine’s Day on New Year’s Eve. I think single folks everywhere might get on board with this one. Less pressure to find a date for one night, so less stress about New Year’s kisses and February 14th plans. Done.

And I don’t think anyone who would be drinking green beer for St. Patty’s Day would mind an earlier start. Seriously, if you are already on board with drinking green beer, I’m thinking you don’t really care which day this occurs, right?

However, decorating and hiding Easter Eggs in February could pose a problem. Especially if there is snow on the ground.

Fireworks would be less fun if it is too cool in the evening to sit out under the stars on the 4th of May.

But I think Trick or Treating in August would be an improvement. Maybe I would actually like this holiday a little bit more if the walk around the neighborhood were to take place on a nice Summer evening, instead of a cold dreary dampish night two months later. (I still would have issues with the sugar binging anytime.)

And as for Thanksgiving, well, that should really be celebrated every day of the year. Being thankful. Being grateful. Helping others. Family time.

Yes, that is a holiday for every day.

Now, I’m off to watch Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer…before Thanksgiving.




Deliver. — Put the Giving Back in the Thanks.

Tonight during a meeting, I watched as my friend took a phone call and jotted down some directions.

I leaned over, took a look and recognized some of the street names, so I whispered, “I’ll help.”

At the end of the meeting, we loaded a box into the back of my car.

A box containing all of the trimmings of a Thanksgiving Day dinner.

A turkey. A bag of potatoes. Cans of corn and green beans. Rolls. Stuffing.

A Thanksgiving Day dinner complete with a pumpkin pie.

I got in my car, turned the heat on to high, turned on the light and checked the address and directions one more time.

As I drove, many thoughts raced through my mind. Thinking about the meeting tonight. Thoughts about the great birthday weekend I had. Recalling the wonderful family dinner I enjoyed this evening.

Then the typical think about what-I-did-today list. Then I started counting off the what-I-have-to-do-when-I-get-home list. Followed soon after by the what-I-need-to-do-tomorrow list.

Suddenly, I realized I had been driving longer than I thought I would be. Did I miss it?

Nope. Here it is. A right here. A left here. I had no idea this neighborhood even existed in my little town. I have lived here forever, how do I not know this street was here? One more right. First house on the right. There.

The porch light was on. As I pulled into the driveway, a young man came out to greet me.

“Hi. Are you Mr. R? Good evening. I have a Thanksgiving dinner for you.”

“Yes. Thank you so much.”

I opened the hatch on the trunk and lifted the box out to hand to him. Even though I was talking to a grown man with a family ,the Momma in me couldn’t resist to remind him to put the turkey in the freezer. 

I’m sure he was thinking, “Well, Duh!” But he was kind and polite enough not to say that out loud.

Instead he simply said again, “Thank you so much.”

“Absolutely. You are very welcome. Have a Happy Thanksgiving with your family.”

And that was it.

Five minutes of driving. Thirty seconds of small talk. One box full of a Thanksgiving dinner. Delivered.

And as I got back into my car and backed slowly and carefully out of their driveway, I realized I was crying.

Crying for all that I have. Crying for all they must not have. Crying for all of the people that came together to make this dinner happen. Crying for all of those who won’t have someone show up at 8:00 p.m. on a Sunday to deliver a box of dinner.  Crying for the neighbors who may have just as much need, who just didn’t know or weren’t connected or referred or who didn’t sign up.

There is so much need.

For help. For giving.

This Thanksgiving, This Christmas. This season.

This year. Next year.

Every. Single. Day. 

Let’s all teach our children to be thankful and to be giving. 

Let’s all remember that a few minutes of giving here can mean a world of thankfulness there.

Let’s all really focus on putting the Giving back into the Thanks.

Let’s all, Go. Do that.

Every. Single. Day.


Mildew. — Why I’m Dreading Holiday Decorating.

It is November 7th. And I am trying to be thankful.  Thankful for mildew. 

Yes. Mildew.

A few weeks ago, I went to the crawl space under the house to retrieve the Halloween and fall decorations we have stored there. I love this time of year. Not so much Halloween, I just fake that for the kiddos. But I love the fall colors. The oranges and maroons, the leaves. The pumpkins and scarecrows, the golds of it all.

So, I went under the house, ducking under the beams, walking like a hunchback. Until I found the three plastic tubs of fall decorations and dragged them out into the sunlight.

As soon as I carried them inside, the kiddos started pulling stuff out, knowing where it all goes. The leaf garland on the mantle. The little straw scarecrows on the bookshelf. The pumpkin lights in the living room. The spider bowl in the kitchen.

“Slow Down.” “Take your time.” “Be careful!” “Don’t drop that!” “Walk. Walk. WALK!”

I started looking around, seeing the browns and golds and oranges and maroons and smiled.

And just as I was starting to feel that “Fall is in the air” spirit, that is when it happened.

I smelled it. Within just a few minutes,  I smelled that sickened, sweetgross smell of … mildew.

I vaguely remember that Felix mentioned in passing that the crawl space was damp. But I’m sure I wasn’t really listening.

But. He was right. Yep, the damp mild temps of summer has created the opportunity for mildew.

On my stuff. On my fall stuff. On my decorating stuff.

I am really, really sensitive to that icky smell, and began to go back through the house collecting the spider bowl, the pumpkin lights, the little scarecrows and spiders. Back into the box. And into the garage. All of it.

Everything except for the plastic pumpkins that the kiddos carry for trick or treating. Mildewy.

I have to admit that I am a little sad that I am going to have to throw most of these things away.

Nothing that was too valuable,  mind you. Everything that can be replaced. I just can’t have any of it in my house anymore.

But what makes me even more sad, is the realization that all of my Christmas decorations are down there, too.

Along with the tubs of yearbooks and high school memorabilia.

And even though I know in the big scheme of things, it is not that big of a deal. 

I am still a little sad to throw the little scarecrows in the garbage.

The big ones get to stay outside now.

The good thing is that I cleaned out and downsized some of the Fall Decoration boxes.

But I’m really dreading to see what is inside the green and red boxes.




Decide. — Cornstalk Crossroads with Five Year Olds.

corn maze

I handed the map to X and his friend.

They looked at the map and immediately decided they knew where we were going.

I just walked behind and observed.

Once I again I discovered, these 5 year olds have it all figured it.

At every crossroads, they made a decision.

They made a decision and they didn’t look back.

They didn’t second guess.

They didn’t look to see what other kids were doing.

They were confident in their choices

They decided which way to go and they owned their decisions.

And if they were wrong, they didn’t apologize to anyone. They just said, “Aw. Man, we’ve already been here. Ok. This way!”

And they took off again. In search of the next sign, the next adventure.

In search of the prize.

corn crossroads

They didn’t get nervous about the consequences.

They weren’t concerned about getting lost.

Sometimes they went off the path.

Sometimes they even made their own shortcuts.

They worked together, looking at the map.

They took turns.

Along the way, they picked up treasures of sticks and fuzzy caterpillars.

And ultimately, they found their way through and out of this corn maze.

Having fun every step of the way.

Let’s all, Go. Do that.

Today’s Action Challenge: Consider how you make your decisions.

Do you make a decision with confidence, feeling certain in your choices?

Or do you fret about every consequence, leaving you stranded in the maze?

Based on this, set a goal for yourself for the next time you are at your very own crossroads, cornstalk or not.


Fall. — Color it in…One Piece at a Time

I’ve always wanted to be an artist. I would love to be able to have the talent to pick up a pen and draw what I see or what I imagine. It would make my life so much easier because I have so many stories. Stories that are just waiting for an illustrator.

But I’ve never been an artist. At least not in the traditional sense.

Give me a pen. A journal. Some paint. A canvas. Some material. A sewing machine. Some magazines and scissors.

Then give me some TIME.

And then see what I can make happen.


In college, I was given an assignment. To this day, it is one of my all-time favorite projects.

The goal was to learn about color.

Not just learn about color, but really get inside color. Create color. Play with color. Make your own color.

I started with one of my favorite photographs.

fall photo picmonkey

A tree in New York City. In Central Park. In front of the Dakota Building. Where John Lennon once lived.

Then, I had to create a collage. One piece at a time. Cut out pictures and colors from magazines to re-create this image.

three fall pictures picmonkey

In a new way. Create a new image. Full of color. One tiny piece at a time.

Try it a few different ways. See what works and what doesn’t.

fall collage picmonkey

Then, I had to use only six acrylic paint colors to recreate this image.

Red. Yellow. Blue. Green. White. Black.

To mix. And try. And try again. And start over. And mix again.

To make every other color in life.

And then paint it. Recreate the same image in a brand new way.

Recreate it to see what you get.

fall painting picmonkey

It might just be my own personal masterpiece. Maybe no one else sees it.

But, I framed it and hung it on my wall along with the original photograph and the collage I created.

Because the process of getting there, was just as important to me as the final product.

It is and always has been a tribute to my favorite season.


Fall is a turning.

Fall is an opportunity.

Fall is another trip around this side of the Sun.

Fall is the colors.

Fall is golds and yellows and faded greens. Fall is oranges and maroons.

Fall is cool evenings and the possibility of campfires on the weekends.

Fall is sleeping with the windows open.

Fall is hearing the echo of the High School football game announcements of tackles and touchdowns, as I sit on the back porch with a glass of Cabernet.

Fall is the return of my favorite sweatshirts and jeans.

Fall is the chance to try again.

Fall is trying something new.

Fall is preparing.

Fall is practicing.

And fall never expects perfection.

It just wants you to really get in there…and play with its color.

Let’s All, Go. Do that.


Ask. — Hangin’ out with the coach!

Hey Everybody!! I am so excited that I recently met a new friend!!

And even more excited that this new friend is super awesome.

And even even MORE excited that this new friend full of awesome sauce asked lil’ ol’ me to guest blog over at his space today.

It is the first day of school and I have been in Kindergarten all day long…so I am JUST getting the time to get on here to send you all over there to my new friend, CoachDaddy!

And since he is a Coach and a cool kind of Dad who teaches his daughters about Metallica and ColdPlay and The Beatles, I thought it was appropriate that I share a lil’ story about another cool Dad I know. You know him as the best friend, partner, hubby, aka T. aka Fix it Felix … also known as … ZEN DADDY.  You need to know just how lucky my kids are that their Dad was in charge of staying home with them this summer, instead of me.  🙂

So, head on over to and learn more about the super awesome fun summer they all enjoyed. Be sure to like his page and drop him a note over there.  I want all of my friends to meet each other.

Because you know I think you all full of awesome sauce and it is fun to have you all marinate together!

Go, Do that!  Meet a new friend.

P.S. Since today is the first day of school, Felix says he is officially on vacation. He has plans to go to the lake tomorrow and rent a jet ski for the day.  He should totally do that. He deserves it!

Not Felix.

Not Felix.

Here’s the link:

Go check it out!

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Blast. — Backpacks and Pencils and Crayons, Oh My!

Yesterday, as I was leaving work, I get the usual — a Can You Please Stop By the Store and Pick Up… list text from Felix.  So, 15 minutes later, armed with milk under one arm and toilet paper under the other, I was headed to the checkout lines.

But then, I found myself distracted. Helpless against the magnetic pull of a huge display of goods. Being a former elementary teacher, and a Momma to the very creative and equally destructive X and Y, I have no defenses against the allure of …  school supplies…on sale. Boxes of brand new sharply pointed crayons (full box, with none broken or missing!) 10 for 10 cents! Reams of unbent lined 3-hole punched paper! 50 cents each. Packs of pencils, erasers, pens, pencil boxes, highlighters, markers! And my new favorite: black and white composition notebooks!  *Sighs* All on sale. *Sighs again*

I picked up a few items, (I told you I can’t resist those crayons!) and then stopped by the school supply lists.  One for Y. Check. And …Oh Yeah…the boy child starts Kindergarten this year…I have to pick one up for him, too!  I think I may be subconsciously struggling with the fact that he is starting school. I keep forgetting to buy supplies for him, or remembering that he needs to go school shopping, too!  I hope I remember to put him on the bus in a few weeks! 🙂 Although I have a feeling he might remind me.

Later, at home,  I was looking over the list for each of the kiddos and it is the typical stuff. Many of the things listed above plus glue sticks and folders and scissors and notebooks. Hand sanitizer. Tissues.

It’s actually a lot. I mean it is the typical stuff that kids need at school, so I’m not saying it is too much. As a parent, now buying for two, I can see how this can really add up to be an investment. I started thinking about  all of the families with more than 2 kiddos in school. And then what about the families that are struggling a little to make all of the ends meet. Those that are loving their kids up, working multiple jobs to pay the bills, saving and scraping to make sure their kiddos don’t go without.  There are kiddos I know who have lost a parent or have seen tragedy and dealt with sadness that grownups couldn’t begin to handle. And the I also started thinking about the kiddos whose parents are just struggling…with bad choices or bad luck or whatever life has handed them…and school supply shopping is not even close to being on their to do list.

As a former teacher, I certainly spent plenty of my own money to purchase these supply items for my classroom just to make sure these kiddos had what they needed. But like I said, it’s a lot.  Just like families, school budgets have been under attack over the past few years and more and more is needed to help make it all come together in the classroom.

Which is why I am so thankful and appreciative for those in our community who take it upon themselves to help. To help others. In anyway they can. There are lots of opportunities for everyone to help all of these kiddos and families at the beginning of the school year.  There are “Pack the Bus” events or “Adopt a Student” or opportunities to purchase filled backpacks for students.

My challenge to all of us: Do something.  Pick something, some way to help students and families at the beginning of this school year.  Just something. Sponsor a family. Donate some money. Buy some crayons and drop them off at a school. Grab a few gift cards for shoe stores or haircuts and donate them to a local women’s resource center.

Do something.  

And if you are looking right now for the something you can do…let me again tell you about that little church in the little town doing big things. They are sponsoring a Backpack Blast. Taking action. Practicing what LOVE DOES by filling hundreds of backpacks for students in our community who are in need. Families who are facing extraordinary difficulties and loss. Kiddos who just want the fresh haircut and new shoes and nice backpack with all of the crayons and pencils and notebooks that they need to get started on a new school year full of opportunity.

If you are looking of your Do Something chance: Here is one way you can help:

You will be glad that you did something.

“I would send you a bouquet of newly sharpened pencils if I knew your name and address.” (You’ve Got Mail) But since I don’t…here are a few virtual pencils to enjoy and know that I adore you … for doing the something that helps others.

You. You are awesome.

English: Colour pencils. Español: Lápices de c...

English: Colour pencils. Español: Lápices de colores. Français : Crayons de couleurs. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Stuff. — Lessons Learned from a Failed Yard Sale.

I’m not really a good yard sale person. I like the yard sale. There are some great finds and good deals.  I think I like the idea of being a yard sale person. But I’m probably really more of a poser when it comes to the sales that take place in the yards.

I do get up early on Saturdays, so it is not about the sleeping-in-late thing. No, truth is: I just don’t feel a lot of motivation, nor do I have the time,  to get up and into my car and drive around to look at other folk’s … stuff.

Because. I have enough … stuff … of my own.

Even too much …  stuff.

Which is why we decided to have a, very uncharacteristic, yard sale of our own.

I’ll be honest, I didn’t do too much to prepare for this event. I went through closets and drawers and pulled out things that haven’t been worn or used in the past two years, or maybe four years. Alright, some things might have been more like 8 years.

It didn’t turn out the way we planned or expected. Good thing it turned out to be ok in the end.

We put up a couple of signs. And carried the goods down to our living room the night before.

And then.

It rained. I mean, poured rained. Thunder and lightning rained.

And my living room was full of … stuff.  And this … stuff  … stayed in my living room for a whole week. A Week. Seven days.

You know how I feel about clutter. And if you don’t, you should catch up and read that blog link there. Catch up.

To summarize: clutter makes me a little crazy.

But, I survived.

And the next week, we moved the … stuff… out to the driveway early on Saturday morning.

We had exactly six people stop by our yard sale. Six.

But I learned a few things along the way that I thought I might share with you.

Because that’s what I do here on MommyVerbs. I share. You are welcome.

So…here we go…Lessons Learned from a Failed Yard Sale.

1. Check the weather before you decide to hold a yard sale. Or. Check the weather before you drag a ton of … stuff… down to clutter up your living room for a whole week.


The stuff. The stuff that lived in my living room. For a week.

2. When carrying boxes out to the driveway, check to be sure there are not heavy objects piled between the piles of sheets. Things might slide out and land on your little toe. Heavy things. Heavy things that you are pretty sure break little toe bones.

This happened.


Ok. I’m not sure it was really broken, but it was bleeding. It did hurt so bad that I thought I might throw up and I’m not sissy like that. On the plus side, I got out of carrying the rest of the…stuff…outside.

3. When your kids decide to ‘build’ a lemonade stand, the neighborhood kids will come. And when the neighborhood kids come over, you may very well be kidsitting all of the neighborhood kids for free for many, many hours. (Good thing I really like these neighborhood kids. Good thing they are good kids, too.)


I really do love these neighborhood kids. They are good kids. But I’m watching them. Like Roz on Monsters, Inc. Always watching. Because one day, they are all going to be 15 and trouble. Together.

4. When your kids decide to ‘build’ a lemonade stand, they may make more money than the whole yard sale. Because they are cute. Yes, but that’s not why. It’s because they are ruthless, ruthless salespeople who nag and cajole and guilt people brilliantly into giving them money for lousy, sour lemonade that has been sitting out for too long. Brilliant.


They made over $30 bucks at this little lemonade stand. Afterwards, I had to sit X and Y down and talk the biz with them. They had high labor costs due to the before mentioned multitude of neighborhood kids. They’ll need to work on that for next time.

5. Have alternate activities available for the times when no one is coming to your fail of a yard sale, to keep the multitude of neighborhood, profit-drinking kids occupied appropriately.

I'm serious. How can I make some money off of this Connect Four Savant of a kid?! Hit me up with your ideas!

I’m serious. How can I make some money off of this Connect Four Savant of a kid?! Hit me up with your ideas!

6. Most important lesson…We did sell a few things. But not really from the sale happening in the yard. Nope, we started taking pictures of some of the big ticket items and posted these on facebook. Then people called or texted or messaged and bought those items that were for sale. If only there were a market like that…some place where you could take a picture of an item, write up a little description of it, then post it online with a price for others to view and buy.  Hmmmm…I may be on to something here. Maybe I’ll ditch this whole full-time working Momma and part-time health coach and blogger gig and start up something that can help other failed, poser yard sellers.  Hmmm….maybe I’ll call it something like … Mommy’sList. What do you think? Kinda catchy, huh?! Stay tuned on this one…

And one final lesson learned this day:

Don’t schedule your annual family portraits on the same day as your yard sale. You and your kids will be tired. They might be pills. Cute ones, with cute smiles, but still pillish.

The Mighty Z-Fam, wilting a little on the photo shoot walk.

The Mighty Z-Fam, wilting a little on the photo shoot walk. Picture courtesy of FiftyCentLove Photography-who is awesome and pretends…and somehow makes us believe that we are not only superheroes…but also supermodels. 🙂 


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