Engaging Each Day with Action Words

Search. — What do Holly Hunter, Violet Beauregarde and Ferris Bueller have in common?

Lately, I have been pondering about this blogging thing. Again.

Why do I do it? Why do I get up so early to get it done? Why do I keep notes all the time about it?

What is this obsession I have with verbs? Do I annoy people with my action word addiction?

What do I want to do with this? Can it be that book I always talk about?

Will I ever get ‘Freshly Pressed’? (Come on, now. It’s not dirty…it’s a WordPress thing!)

Who is…MommyVerbs? What does it all mean?

Who reads MommyVerbs (other than my Mom and Felix)?

And after a little while of pondering these big philosophical questions, I get all dramatic and overwhelmed and Scarlet  O’Hara-ish and decide to explore those answers … another day.

In the process of ‘moving on’ this morning, I did jump over to my WordPress Stats page and Search Terms for the answers to these questions…

What is the MommyVerbs reader searching for?

Well, apparently, some of you are like me and you enjoy the classic movies: Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, Broadcast News and Ferris Bueller’s Day Off. Because the top three search terms that brings folks over to MommyVerbs are references to Violet Beauregarde, Holly Hunter crying and the Bueller, Bueller scene.

I just feel so bad for these random people who end up on this blog about my family and my working motherhood angst and my wonderings because I am sure that they do not find what they went looking for.

violet beauregarde     broadcastnews    ferris-bueller-2

When they search for Violet Beauregarde, they end up landing on a blog about how my family gave up sugar.

Whey they search for Bueller, Bueller, they land on a post about showing up, really attending to life.

And when they search for Holly Hunter’s crying scene, they find themselves in the middle of a bit of a pity party where I describe my urge to cry as a way of avoiding therapy.

Those poor people, randomly Googling and Binging and Yahooing, looking for their favorite movie lines and they land on a Mommy Blog that tells them that they need to Eat less sugar, Show up more and… it is ok to cry.

Well, maybe those aren’t bad things for these random seekers to learn from MommyVerbs.

Actually maybe they are better off to have not found what they were searching for in the first place. Who knows…maybe MommyVerbs had an unintended good influence on the random internet searcher.

Which may be the answer to my “Why Do I Do This” question in the first place.

Don’t you just love how life does that sometimes. Gives us the answers to our questions…when we stop searching for them?


Those are just the top three search terms, but here are some of my other favorites that bring folks to MommyVerbs and how I make myself feel better about what they find here:

Compliments for Mom. Seriously, people are googling nice things to say to their Mom? And what in the world did they find on MommyVerbs that tell them what to say to their Mommas? I hope they found some good ideas, but if not, just tell your Momma that you love her. And that you are so glad she is your Mom. And give her a hug. She’ll appreciate that.

Glean in a sentence. I think ‘glean’ is one of those forgotten words. And it is such a great word. Glean needs to make a comeback in conversation. Here’s a challenge for us all today…use glean in a sentence. And in no reference to turnip pulling either. (also a popular search term!)

My Thumb Hurts. This is my version of a public service announcement for take good care of your opposable thumbs. It is what separates us from the primates. You will miss them when they don’t work. Or pop and crack like mine do. So, maybe get a notebook and pen sometimes instead of doing any major writing on your tiny iPhone.

Grape Hubba Bubba Bubble GumFirst, that is just fun to say. Next, this is one of those life lessons we all need to learn: Don’t lie to your Momma because she can smell nonsense from across the room. Seriously, she can. All Mommas can. And it is good for all Mommas to set boundaries and say No more sometimes, too.

How to Celebrate my 40th Birthday. There are lots of searches for folks looking how to mark this milestone. Early MommyVerbs readers lived through this saga in real time with me. And I thank you for hanging with me as I went counted down the days. It was fun. Birthdays should be fun.  And for those of you who are looking forward to a milestone birthday sometime soon…I really do have the book coming out on this one.  Possibly for purchase on Amazon soon. Let me know if you would like the advanced copy.

Then, here are some other good search terms that make me giggle…

Lessons Learned Tattoo

Keep Calm I’m Not Talking

Risky Business Bust (another great movie)

Prayers for April Fool’s Day

How to Say Shushing Hair

Is Pretend to Think Correct

Words to Describe a Sock Monkey

Thank you for coming to kid birthday party

Happy Calendar Day (this makes me happy!)

Honest Decluttering (that is so awesome and should totally be a book)

Ironman Cakes and Superhero Ties (well, you will find superhero stuff here, but I’m not baker or tie-maker!)

Drape Curtain Stand (poor thing was really disappointed when they landed on this blog, talk about being lost!)

What are you searching for today?

Go to MommyVerbs facebook page and Like it and name your search terms for the day!


Cry. — Sometimes. Like Holly Hunter in Broadcast News.


Sometimes I think I might need some therapy.  But I don’t have time. Seriously, where would I fit it in to the day?

Sometimes I think I might need medication. But I don’t want to be responsible for one. more. thing.

Sometimes I think I might need to run away and hide. But I don’t want to deal with the guilt I would have when I came back.

So, if therapy, medication and escapes are out…what is left? 🙂


Just uninhibited, uncontrolled, unapologetic … crying.

I am not sure how many people will ‘get’ this. Not sure how many will really understand.

It shows up first in my voice. When I am talking with someone who I trust and confide in. Usually my Mom can hear it.  I will start by saying that it is just because I am tired and ‘I’m fine.” But what I really want to do is just cry.  I can’t really explain it well. And if you don’t get it, you just don’t.  And most likely you are going to say something that … doesn’t help…because you don’t get it. So, my suggestion is just. not. to. speak. You can try to hug me. Try to make me laugh. Or preferably, just let me be.

Because my little secret is this…it is cathartic. I don’t enjoy it necessarily in the moment, but I tend to feel better afterwards.

The crying is not necessarily for any particular reason, really. Sometimes, maybe. But usually I’m not really sad. I might be overwhelmed. I might be exhausted. Sometimes I’m frustrated. But really…rarely, sad.

I am lucky. I am blessed. Beyond measure. I know this. Beyond the shadow of a doubt. I have nothing to be sad about. Until I do.

My eyes might tear up easily. I get a rock in my stomach. And I can usually keep it at bay for a little while. Until I can’t.

And then I cry.

I am thinking that I may need to be proactive. Like Holly Hunter in Broadcast News.  She unplugs the phone. Sits still. Focuses. And then just cries.  She does it everyday. No matter where she is. No matter what she’s doing. She just cries. Gets it out. The overwhelmingness of life. The senseless stuff of the news. The sadness. The frustrations. The failures. The successes. The worries. The fears. The crazy. The …. stuff. The stuff we Mommas carry around with us.

Until we don’t.

Until we ….

Just cry.

Just because.


And if you haven’t seen this movie. Please stop what you are doing. And go watch it, now. You will feel better. Just because. Trust me.


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