Engaging Each Day with Action Words

Focus. — On One.

Weekly Photo Challenge: One.


Tonight, we will distribute these 250 presents.

They are all lined up.

Organized by number.

Wrapped. Bagged. Tissue papered.

With brightly colored bows and ribbons.

Sitting pretty.


I’m overwhelmed by this image and the need it represents.

I’m overwhelmed by the number of people who made this happen and the joyful giving of a community.

I’m overwhelmed by the hours of shopping, wrapping, organizing and honestly, I’m overwhelmed by the sheer number of presents and the process we will use to give these out tonight.

So, I’m trying to focus.

Focus on one.

Focus on one present at a time.

Focus on one smile. One excited giggle. One “Thank you.”

Because out of so many,

that one present,

in the red bag, with the cheerful snowman in his crooked black top hat and green scarf,

is for one child.

One child who might not be surrounded by the comforts of … a lot.

One child who might not know safety and security, not to mention, stockings full of stuff.

One child who might squeal with delight upon opening it up.

One child who might still believe in the magic of Christmas.

So I’m going to try to focus on each one. 


Thanks to so many, Christmas might be just a little better for



Sock. — Saturated in Mismatched Colors.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Saturatedsocks

A bunch of new socks

together for the last time

in the girl’s drawer. 

Click here to learn more about our mis-matched sock MommyVerb Adventures. 


Free. — A Carefree Haiku and Weekly Photo Challenge


An impromptu trip.

Hurricane-like rains slow down. 

Then the sky cleared up. 

For a few minutes,

Free of trouble and worry

and care on the Isle. 


How will find a few minutes to be carefree today?

Let’s All, Go. Do that.



Save. — Above: Weekly Photo Challenge Chicago

Save. As in….

Save Ferris!

Yes. When I explore a city, I don’t usually bother with the tour books. I skip some of the ‘must sees’.

I am more likely to try to find the places, or do the memorable things, featured in my all-time favorite movies. Or at least get close to them.

It is what I do. I own it. I’ve done it for years.

I won’t be judged! 🙂

Here’s MY version of standing on the rail with my head on the window, looking down… ala Ferris, Cameron and Sloane….

above, Chicago.

“The city looks so peaceful from up here.”


And one more…

Because it really IS a pretty city.

Good Night, Chicago.



Weekly Photo Challenge: Kiss. — My Lil’ Fam.

The Weekly Photo Challenge is “Kiss.”  I think this says it all.  At least it does for me.



Love. — When It just doesn’t matter.

home weekly photo challenge

Over my 40 years hanging around this place, I have learned a really important lesson. One that I try to practice everyday:

It just doesn’t matter.

Which sounds harsh, especially here just a few days from Valentine’s Day, but hear me out.

There are times, in love and family, when you have to say to yourself, “It just doesn’t matter.”

Like when…

… it is noisy and messy and there are socks on the floor and laundry to be put away piled high and no one can find their shoes or their jackets and the remote has been hidden and we are out of milk and running late and feeling rushed and one hasn’t combed their hair or brushed their teeth and the other one isn’t dressed and there is a horrific stink coming from the bathroom and there are crumbs on the floor and I just stepped in something wet and there is a run in my tights and no gas in the car and it is so cold but no one wants to wear a coat and they can only find one glove and he can’t find his keys or his wallet and they keep arguing over the iPad game and the dog is biting something or someone and oh wait, she needs a packed lunch and there was no hot water and she didn’t do her homework and doesn’t want to and I’m stepping on Iron Man and SpiderMan and the art table is buried under paper and the dog is now eating a purple crayon and the sink is full of dishes and the toast is burned and someone just sent me an email that implies another huge project and I’m wishing I had never checked it at all and we are out of stamps and he needs a present to take to that party this afternoon and there is a potluck at work and what will I bring and we need to go to the grocery store and please don’t play volleyball in the house and…

And then….Out of the blue….there appears two arms in the kitchen, spread wide, offering an all-knowing, reassuring hug. I see a smile with a cute little dimple and blue eyes under long, reddish-blonde lashes. And I suddenly see and truly recognize how much someone has grown up, both in height and in maturity and I see myself in her face.

And then … I remember what is important.

I remember what really matters. And I know that all that other stuff…..

Just. Doesn’t. Matter.

And in that moment.

I am home.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Home


Fan. — It is really Unfortunate that you don’t know him yet. But you will.

WordPress Photo Challenge: Unique

Unique isn’t a big enough word.

By unique, I really mean:

Brilliant. Amazing. Genius. Fearless. Talented. Hilarious. Loyal. Author. Writer. Friend. Wise. Real. Love. Sincere. Confidant.

My Chris. My BahBah. My Uncle-More-Like-A-Big-Brother (since he is just 3 years older!) I really wish you could know him. He is quite amazing. I am certain you will know him. Someday. Soon.

I’m the Diva to his Director.  He’s my hero for following a dream with unending perseverance.

There is no one like him. His star is so bright and I am so proud of him.  I can’t wait to see it all fall into place.  Be there when “It’s all happening.” Because I will be the first in line to buy the first ticket.  I will be in the front row.


I already bought the book. You should, too.


unfortunates 2

And you can always check him out on his Hi.Larry.OUUS web show: YNTAAY–You’re Not Taping Again, Are You?!

Check one episode out here:

Start with “Til, the Earless Bunny.” Then, meet Willie Talk, the ventriloquist dummy. Learn how to make straw people. Find out all you needed to know about theater etiquette.

Unique? Yes. But. Just. Brilliant. Funny.

Love you, Bah!


Weekly Photo Challenge: Love. — of the Sibling Sort.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Love

X and Y Love.

They love each other. Really, they do. Really.

They are pretty typical brother and sister. They play together, make messes together, stick up for each other. They argue, fight, fuss, tattle. Then they build forts and bake cakes and watch movies. Afterwards they get mad and stomp away from each other, state the unfairness that is life and declare how they will never talk to the other one again.

Y says it is hard to be a big sister.

X can’t stand being the little brother. (He can’t stand anything about being little at all and much prefers being big.)

Yeah. Pretty typical brother and sister.

But they do love each other.

Really, they do. Really.

photo credit: Debbie Smith, Fifty Cent Love Photographie

Weekly Photo Challenge: Resolved. Another Look

As I mentioned before, I am setting intentions (Click for details)  this year, instead of resolutions.

Here is both the process and the product of our Family Intentions Winter of 2013 edition.

We left space to include our intentional acts of kindness on our board as we go.


Welcome. — Opportunities, Blessings and Dancing. More Freakin’ Dancing!

Where were you last night when 2012 turned into 2013? 

I was just where I wanted to be.

Welcome 2013.

Bring on the opportunities.

Let there be blessings.

And Dancing.

More Freakin’ Dancing in 2013.

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