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Crave. — Your Life Is Trying To Tell You Something

on November 8, 2013

This afternoon, I was sitting at my desk, counting down the hours and minutes left in this Friday, when all of a sudden I wanted something sweet.

No. I’m sorry. Correction.  I … needed … something sweet.

As I read and responded to another email, trying to catch up at the end of the week, I was completely distracted by the need for some sugary goodness something.

I began to think of the possibilities that existed to me at the moment. Where do we keep the chocolate around here? Oh yes. There is some in the filing cabinet drawer that we use for workshop treats. Oh, wait. I think there may even be some sugary nonsense leftover from the meetings of the morning.

As I was considering my few options, I started the beginnings of a plan. A plan to get a sweet treat without being noticed. How can I get to the piece of chocolate or sugary gooiness without everyone and their co-worker seeing me? I am a health coach after all.  I do have my pride and reputation to uphold, you know.

I hit send on the last email note and stood up to head for the kitchen. But instead of sneaking into the filing cabinet or dipping into the leftovers, I filled up my empty water bottle to the rim and waited to see.

Sure enough. Within a few minutes, I was back to the work, focused and getting things marked off of the eternally long to do list before the weekend.

This is how cravings work. Our bodies, our minds, our souls know what we need.

But sometimes the message gets confused and we can’t tell that what we want and what we need are not always the same things.

This is true, not just in our moments of craving sweets or potato chips or bread sticks. These are the cravings of our bodies, telling use what we are lacking…water, nutrients, vitamins, minerals.

But this is also true in our…lives.

As tired, working Mommas, we crave a lot of things.

And sometimes we look for the drawer of candy, or the sugary nonsense, or the glass (or two) of wine to help us meet these needs, supply these wants, fill these gaps, when that is not what we are really craving.

As tired, working Mommas…

We crave more time.

We crave help.

We crave quiet sometimes.

We crave downtime and ‘me’ time.

We crave freedom.

We crave more sleep.

We crave romance. 

We crave comfort.

What would it look like if we took the time and energy to explore these cravings and find out what we really need, rather than just trying to get what we think we want.

Our cravings are important messages. We need to learn how to pay attention. We need to pause and begin to ask ourselves three questions:

What is it that I am craving?

What does that tell me that I need?

How do I meet that need and cure that craving?

Let’s all, Go. Do that.

Today’s Action Challenge: What are you craving? What does your body, mind and soul tell you that you need? Does that match what you find yourself wanting? If not, make a change. Get what you need, not just what you want.

Let’s all, Go. Do that.

Is THIS what you want...or what you really need?

Is THIS what you want…or what you really need? Go. Get what you need.


15 responses to “Crave. — Your Life Is Trying To Tell You Something

  1. Z.C. says:

    Thats a ton of candy omg. 0-0 now i want something sweet….

    • MommyVerbs says:

      Oh NO! Look away! Look away! I am so sorry I lured you in to read my blog with this terrible picture of sugary nonsense. 🙂

      What are you really craving?! 🙂

    • MommyVerbs says:

      Nooooo…Look away! Pay no attention to the candy. It is not even here. Really. That is a picture from at least 4 years ago. We didn’t even have candy here this year…we gave away glow in the dark goodies and the Switch Witch came and got the loot in exchange for a toy. 🙂

  2. I want dark chocolate & some wine–neither of which I have access to right now 😦

  3. runnerrich says:

    Interpreting your body’s signals…this sounds promising. Thanks for sharing!

  4. rarasaur says:

    That’s one of the most important things I learned when I gave up sugar. Actually, without sugar it was a lot easier to hear the “needs” of my body… the “wants” didn’t plague me nearly so much. Great message, as always! 😀 Happy day 8!

    • MommyVerbs says:

      Thanks, as always, Rara! I can’t say we have given up sugar completely, but we have greatly reduced it…as much as we can with two kiddos in the house. 🙂 And it really does make a difference!

  5. panikikubik says:

    So true. I would like to share a quote I read by Laurie Buchanan,
    it says “Whatever you are not changing, you are choosing”.
    That was a eyeopener to me. Because it is so easy to blame others of your discomfort.

  6. Jan says:

    Yesterday I was craving cheetos. I tried to distract myself but in the end I lost. 😦

  7. Shame on you for raiding your children’s hard earned Halloween candy. Don’t even think about the Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup! Go for the Smarties, they never miss those.

  8. I have a sign in my kitchen from my Mom (love her) that says: My soul’s had enough chicken soup, I want chocolate. That may not always be what my soul needs…but it doesn’t hurt…right…?? 😉

  9. Tuning In says:

    I wish I’d read your post before eating 3 cookies. I probably needed WATER.

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