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Doubt. — Suspending Disbelief is the Cure.

on November 3, 2013

If you could create a painless, inexpensive cure for a single ailment, what would you cure and why?

Doubt. I would cure … doubt.

Because doubt is the thing that keeps us from trying.

Doubt is the thing that keeps us from achieving.

Doubt is the thing that keeps us from believing that the most amazing things can happen.

Doubt is the thing that holds us back and makes us … miss the magic.

My girl-child just started reading a book in her third grade class about the great Shoeless Joe Jackson.

So. Without a doubt, we had to watch Field of Dreams.

Field of Dreams. A story about a farmer. A farmer who believed. A farmer who believed and built a baseball field. A baseball field in the middle of a corn field.

And then watched as his childhood heroes stepped through the stalks and played a game.

Heroes, that included his own father.

On a day like All Saints Day, when we honor and remember those we have loved who have passed, there is power in believing in some magic. Magic that the world wants us to doubt everyday. Magic that doesn’t include hats or wands or white furry rabbits. But instead, the magic that is all around us in the form of miracles and blessings and unexplained amazing. It is the peace that we feel. It is the calm that washes over us. It is courage and strength that our loved ones send our way. Magic that might be angels and saints and … faith.

Doubt is where this kind of magic goes to die.

I believe that the cure for doubt is simply suspending disbelief.

Suspend Disbelief.  It is the one thing that I remember from that freshman Film Class in college.

And in order to suspend disbelief, we simply have to turn off doubt.

And believe.

During the movie, Y was trying to understand why Joe couldn’t leave the field. Why he could step up to the line, but couldn’t cross it.

I tried to explain it to her. I tried dream. I tried time travel. I even tried magic.

But finally, I ended up telling her, that she needed to stop questioning and just … believe it.

Suspending disbelief is the art of believing and leaving doubt behind.

It is the art of putting all doubts aside.

And it happens when we stop trying to figure it all out.

When we stop trying to be rational all of the time.

When we stop trying to make it all make sense.

When we just have faith.

Just believe.

For so many of us, that is a really hard task. Almost impossible.

Because we need everything to make sense. We need everything to have a reason. We need it to have order and explanations and definitions.

And we look in the mirror and we question. The What Ifs. The Not Nows. The Maybe Somedays.

Then there are The Not Good Enoughs or The Not Pretty Enoughs or The Not Thin Enoughs or The Not Smart Enoughs.

All of these doubts cloud our vision and make everything seem so much harder. So much more unattainable.

But the challenge is to clear that mirror. Suspend disbelief. Move the doubts to the side

And Believe. Have faith. Take the steps, the leaps.

And let the magic happen.

Let’s all, Go. Do that.

Today’s Action Challenge: Make a list of the doubts you have that hold you back. Then take a pen and mark them out. And rewrite them in the positive. What would those doubts look like if you suspended disbelief. If you put the power back in the believing? How does that list change? Does that list begin to look like your dreams? Your goals?

Let’s all, Go. Do that.

field of dreams

113 responses to “Doubt. — Suspending Disbelief is the Cure.

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  2. […] Doubt. — Suspending Disbelief is the Cure. | mommyverbs […]

  3. […] Doubt. — Suspending Disbelief is the Cure. | mommyverbs […]

  4. […] Doubt. — Suspending Disbelief is the Cure. | mommyverbs […]

  5. olgatodd says:

    Thank you for sharing!

    Please join our Facebook Community of Daily Inspiration. It’s a place where you can meet others, promote your talents and grow closer to God
    We would love to see you there!

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  7. rarasaur says:

    Doubts– the world would be much stronger without them, 🙂 That’s a great response to the prompt!

  8. […] Doubt. — Suspending Disbelief is the Cure. | mommyverbs […]

  9. Cheri says:

    The worst kind of doubt, is self-doubt and yes, I wish there was a cure. I usually am pretty fearless etc, but sometimes doubt creeps in. Great post.

    • MommyVerbs says:

      Thanks so much. I really do wish that suspending disbelief in our own self-doubts could work as well as it does in the movies. If we just believe, we can make things happen.
      Like clapping for Tinkerbell….
      I do believe in fairies. I do believe in fairies.
      If only it could be that easy. 🙂 Great to get connected!

  10. Aussa Lorens says:

    Ah, I feel I have lost so much time out of my life by succumbing to self doubt. No more of that. I’ve decided to just fake it till I make it 😉 No one has to know I’m shakin’ in my boots.

  11. […] Doubt. — Suspending Disbelief is the Cure. | mommyverbs […]

  12. Beautiful! “Doubt is where this kind of magic goes to die.” So true, and the perfect visual. Thank you.

    • MommyVerbs says:

      Thanks so much! You might recognize the reference to Field of Dreams…Shoeless Joe Jackson’s glove was where triples go to die. Doubt does that to us, too. Robs us of the magic that is and could be all around us. Thanks for stopping by!

  13. I like the idea to get rid of doubt. Surely doubt causes way too many problems in our personal lives and in the lives of the world at large. Too bad it’s doubtful such a cure will ever come into being…or be distributed to the general public if it does get made.

    • MommyVerbs says:

      But wouldn’t it be lovely, if we, the general public,would/could stop producing it? If we replaced it with belief…maybe we could avoid some of these problems. Maybe. Thanks for visiting!

      • You’re welcome. And it would be, but I think doubt also serves some good, like to shield us from disappointment when the government does something dumber than usual. In that case, doubt is a Godsend.

  14. claudianalab says:

    what I learned is that you have to believe in yourself in order to achive your goals in life, there’s no need for doubt. 🙂

  15. Mind of Andy says:

    Thank you for a truly inspirational post (: Will for sure reblog this!

    • MommyVerbs says:

      Thanks so much for visiting and for the nice words. I love this movie and am thrilled to get to share a little bit of a reflection on what it means to me. I also love that my daughter is reading about Shoeless Joe Jackson, which makes me love her teacher, too. 🙂

  16. Mind of Andy says:

    Reblogged this on Mind of Andy and commented:
    A well-written easy read for the heart.
    The writer of this post surely hits the nail correctly when she challenges us to make a list of the doubts that hold us back. Check it out! 😀

  17. bernasvibe says:

    2 THUMBS UP..It takes a lot, a lot!, of work to not 2nd guess ourselves and/or doubt; stuff..But when we just let go & live/pushing past our own self-imposed limits>?? It is amazing..Just as amazing as what you’ve written/expressed..Real talk for real…Glad you shared it! And I’m going to share it also…Stay uplifted & blessed

  18. bernasvibe says:

    Reblogged this on Berna's Vibe~The Way I See IT and commented:
    Because this is just so very good! Just had to share it with y’all>>Re-blogged by Berna from Mommyverbs*

  19. awax1217 says:

    I understand completely. My grandson had cancer at the age of two. That’s right two. There are only a half dozen doctors who would even consider working on him. Dr. Finley of New York did half a dozen chemoes and stem cell. He is now thirteen. He survived. He is in my blog. If you get chance read about him.

    • MommyVerbs says:

      I will indeed! What a miraculous blessing. I’m sure you all had your faith tested during this time. I hereby declare both your grandson and Dr. Finley — HEROES! Thanks for sharing your story of belief.

      • awax1217 says:

        I appreciate that. Doctor Finley is a great man. My son, at wits end called all the doctors, Dr. Finley gave him his private number and said to call on a Friday night. This man cared. My son by the way is on the internet as a cancer support. He shaved his head to raise money for cancer. Look up Sam Wax and Cancer and you can see his picture. He is always willing to be a source of inspiration who are at wits end.

  20. sallyirena says:

    Love this. You write with great wisdom, thank you. Sally

  21. daniheart21 says:

    Congrats. I love this, and such a funny thing I needed this today. Thank you. I am part of team pablano and I almost didn’t join because of doubt, but I cast it aside and said I can do this… why can’t I do this? Only doubt and the fact that i hadn’t done it before was holding me back. This is such a positive life affirming piece. No wonder it got FP’d. Loved the movie Field of Dreams. Great life lessons there. 🙂

    • MommyVerbs says:

      I am so glad this found you at the right time. And…I’m so glad that you are with Team PoBlaNo, too! I am looking forward to connecting and seeing how you are not letting doubt hold you back. Suspend disbelief. Make it happen! Let’s all, Go. Do that! 🙂

  22. So, so true! The only thing that keeps us from doing anything we want to do is doubt.
    Doubt is the only thing that can keep us from healing or making more money or getting the partner or having the life we want. The only things stopping us is us.
    Great post!
    Thanks for sharing!
    Have a great day!

  23. A little preventative maintenance, either mechanical or spiritual, will remove many doubts. When I read the New Testament, though, I encounter doubters in strange places. Even at the ascension, it says that some who were there doubted. I wonder sometimes if they overcame their doubts or drifted into disbelief and anonymity. Great post.

    • MommyVerbs says:

      Thank you. I think we all find doubters in strange places: in the Bible, at work, in our homes. Even in our hearts. The battle is always as you said…overcome doubt or drift into disbelief and anonymity. Thanks for visiting and sharing.

  24. quashaunblog says:

    Reblogged this on Quashaun Willis Blog and commented:
    I would cure uncertainty. Why? Because this way we don’t have to worry about what’s going to happen next which will also write fear.

  25. meredithwyatt1990 says:

    Reblogged this on Speak Through Your Heart and Your Mind Will Follow and commented:
    I love this

  26. Reblogged this on myrainbowmind and commented:
    I agree. Doubt is where dreams and magic went to die.
    “Suspending disbelief is the art of believing and leaving doubt behind. It is the art of putting all doubts aside. And it happens when we stop trying to figure it all out. When we stop trying to be rational all of the time. When we stop trying to make it all make sense. When we just have faith. Just believe. For so many of us, that is a really hard task. Almost impossible. Because we need everything to make sense. We need everything to have a reason. We need it to have order and explanations and definitions.

  27. Joanna L. says:

    Wonderful piece! Therapists, philosophers, doctors, poets and shamans all say the same thing…doubt is THE ailment indeed, it’s what allows stagnation and therefore the persistence of illness, be it a mellow sadness or some chronic condition. Doubt is what interferes with growth and manifestation of whatever it is one needs and wants. Doubt is indeed the enemy of authenticity…which is magic indeed. 🙂

  28. Paul Murray says:

    The antidote to doubt is faith. There was a time when there was a lot of that going around. It was called “The Dark Ages”.

  29. jarenjanda says:

    I loved this. Especially in a time when I struggle with doubts. Disbelief. Having faith. Great words. Thank you.

  30. fatimasque says:

    Leaping. into faith, I am, everyday. 😀
    i loved your post. i love to hear people address life with a positive and wise light, the truth is that truth is irrelevant, and what happens next is neither here nor there… but it is the moment where we have leapt into faith, and let go of all fear, doubt, and unnecessary anxiety- that moment itself is the pinnacle of our human-ness. As a child, my father used to always tell me “Everything is possible”. no matter what i asked, that was his answer. I grew up with that as my motto (one of many all learnt from dear dad). and when i put that as my pre disposition, doubt couldn’t hold me back ..
    So Thank you for sharing!
    > Also, i’m currently reading a book by the title “Daring Greatly” author Brene B(Something?). don’t know if you’re interested, but it poses interesting concepts on the human conditions of vulnerability, fear doubt, etc. and living without ..

    • MommyVerbs says:

      Everything is possible. I love that. A saying I heard a lot growing up was “Just think of the possibilities!” I hope I am saying both of these things to my kiddos enough. I will do my best to say these even more. Thanks so much for sharing and for visiting. I’m looking forward to getting to know all of you wonderful, beautiful people.

      And yes! Brene Brown… I am familiar with her book. It is on my dresser in the stack of books I swear I am going to find the time to read sometime…soon! Soon. I promise. Soon. 🙂

      • fatimasque says:

        I just finished reading the Brene brown book. Even for someone who seems to be living generally “wholeheartedly”. I believe it’s a must read for all. I’ve enjoyed it. And now can’t wait for my next read. Hehe

  31. Great points! I love the list part, I often do this in my head instead and it helps turn the negatives into a positives. Without these negatives and downs in life we wouldn’t be able to fully appreciate the positives. Doubt is definitely a difficult one to banish as so many other attributes factor into it. I think fear is often a manifestation of doubt and fear is a block that everyone knows all to well. Thank you for your post.

  32. Ana J. says:

    No doubt, you believe in yourself. May you rise and shine!

  33. acquatica vagabonda says:

    On the other hand the absence of doubt can be the source of many evils. It can make you believe you are always right and those who don’t agree with you are wrong. Makes you stop from investigating the truth. It can feed self-righteousness, that I see as one the major causes of our wrongdoing as human beings.

    So please, let’s not abolish doubt completely

    • MommyVerbs says:

      Great points. Doubt also comes in handy when we are about to do something extremely dangerous or foolish. It is what makes us pause and think…Can I? Or Should I? I’m thinking my suspension of disbelief theory has a long way to go to abolishing doubt…but maybe just treat the bad symptoms.

      Thanks so much for sharing your thoughts. I appreciate this community so much!

      • acquatica vagabonda says:

        Thank YOU for your interesting post. It explains very well a need shared by a lot of us. Despite my comment, I agree with a lot of what you worte and I could do with a little less doubting myslef

  34. Sue says:

    FABULOUS thought provoking post!!!

  35. Saturn With Earrings says:

    Wow I learnt something beautiful today 🙂 Thank you for this post. It really turned my day around. I’ll be trying to incorporate this in my life now, consciously.

  36. darionm777 says:

    Doubt is uncertainty about truth. And faith is belief without proof. Knowledge and Knowledge beats doubt and faith on a bad day.

    • MommyVerbs says:

      I love that. On a bad day, when we don’t know the truth or have the knowledge, it is our belief and faith that will see us through. Thanks so much for sharing and visiting!

  37. oh, I though this was about The Cure.

  38. Reblogged this on TheMissedFoodConnection and commented:
    This is very much in line with all of my beliefs. Doubt is the worst, however you can smother it out with love and gratitude. Thank you for this! Please check out my blog as well! 😀

  39. mistywink says:

    This is the much needed pep talk I needed today, and I’m glad I stumble across your blog. If you allow me, please I would reblog this wonderful encouragement.
    Love this part where it says….
    ‘Suspending disbelief is the art of believing and leaving doubt behind’

  40. mistywink says:

    Reblogged this on Chain of Thoughts and commented:
    This is the much needed pep talk I needed today, and I’m glad I stumble across your blog. If you allow me, please I would reblog this wonderful encouragement.
    Love this part where it says….
    ‘Suspending disbelief is the art of believing and leaving doubt behind’

  41. panikikubik says:

    What a lovely post! And a great blog! Thank you 🙂

    • MommyVerbs says:

      Thanks so much! Thanks for visiting!

      • panikikubik says:

        Thank you for your reply. I’m a mother myself and I say in one of my posts ( where I´, talking about a selfhel program) that no matter what, ypu can always count. But after reading your post I notice that I can’t count the number of times when I felt doubt or guilt as a mother. For having panic attacks at the cinema, for not beeing as calm and wise as Buddha or for being divorced. My childre don´t judge me. They love me. The challenge is for me to do the same. And to read Mommy Verbs, lightens up the day.

  42. lekkerman says:

    Healthy scepticism, not a bad survival tool. I get your point though 🙂

  43. falcon1791 says:


  44. I love this! Well said!!!

  45. Great post! As a born skeptic, I struggle with doubt and faith, but I have found that I can choose to believe.

    I do enjoy the willing suspension of disbelief. I see it in theater, as we are asked to believe that we as an audience are looking life happening in front of us not art. I have also experienced it with my children when I would slide my hand inside a puppet and right before our eyes an inanimate object comes to life. My children never questioned who’s words were coming out of the puppets mouth.

    • MommyVerbs says:

      That’s a great example! You are so right! Children don’t question what they can’t see, they believe in the wonders that are Clauses and Fairies and Bunnies and they accept the simplest of explanations. Not because they are simple, but they just haven’t formed their inner skeptic yet. That’s not a bad thing, I think. Maybe we should all try to keep just a little more of that as we grow up. Thanks for sharing and for visiting!

      • I wonder…I have always thought I was a born skeptic. I see that trait in some of my children as well. Some of my children are believers, they take after their mother.

        There is magic in believing. It’s easy to believe when the people we trust the most tell us the things we want to hear. It’s wonderful to live in a world with Clauses, Bunnies and Fairies and where inanimate objects come to life. Sometimes, growing up can be such a disappointment.

        You are right. We should all hold on to the willing suspension of disbelief. A skeptic I might be, but I am not a cynic.

  46. alexrider96 says:

    Reblogged this on alexrider96's Blog and commented:
    It’s true

  47. Reblogged this on Wright-Wang Extreme Mystery, Inc. and commented:
    Science can only ASK questions. Never answer them.
    Science yields facts. Never explanations.

  48. Suzie Blue says:

    Wow. Lovely written. Thumbs up. It certainly inspired me!
    Kind regards

  49. infectedmongoose says:

    absolutely amazing post, inspired me for the better and changed my way of thinking, probably instilled more self-confidence and determination in me than anything I’ve ever read. Keep it up!

  50. Shana says:

    Enjoyed this post. Strategic questioning…..Like that. My post today was somewhat similar (not the questioning part)… Dreams and Disappointments. So many times we let that disappointment bring on too much doubt when in reality it could help us achieve our dream. –

  51. Inspire One. says:

    So true. Appreciate the momenttttt. Don’t even think about tomorrow!

  52. Only one eternal day. The NOW. Good Knowledge

  53. […] A recent daily prompt asked bloggers to cure a single ailment. One of the responses was freshly pressed. The ailment to be cured, in MV’s* words: “Doubt. I would cure … doubt.” […]

  54. Dave Furry says:

    This is an awesome post, also referencing an awesome movie! I used to be paralyzed by doubt, given the least chance I was able to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory. I used to ask a good friend of mine “Why me? why does all this happen to me?” He tells me, “Why not you? What makes you so special?” You know what? there is a lot of freedom in that, I don’t have to be perfect and I can allow myself to make mistakes. I just hope to learn from them 🙂 again, awesome post, thanks!

  55. Reblogged this on elisatangkearung and commented:

  56. Very interesting. Sort of a different side of a similar coin that I often think about and sometimes write about. I refer to it as being open to not knowing what you don’t know, but I find that “faith” is a great word to work with. It has such depth.

    Thanks for this!

  57. gustyadek says:

    Reblogged this on gustyadek.

  58. coricoaster says:

    Reblogged this on coricoaster's blog! and commented:
    this is inspiring to me…

  59. azamymarie says:

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