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Decide. — Cornstalk Crossroads with Five Year Olds.

on October 25, 2013

corn maze

I handed the map to X and his friend.

They looked at the map and immediately decided they knew where we were going.

I just walked behind and observed.

Once I again I discovered, these 5 year olds have it all figured it.

At every crossroads, they made a decision.

They made a decision and they didn’t look back.

They didn’t second guess.

They didn’t look to see what other kids were doing.

They were confident in their choices

They decided which way to go and they owned their decisions.

And if they were wrong, they didn’t apologize to anyone. They just said, “Aw. Man, we’ve already been here. Ok. This way!”

And they took off again. In search of the next sign, the next adventure.

In search of the prize.

corn crossroads

They didn’t get nervous about the consequences.

They weren’t concerned about getting lost.

Sometimes they went off the path.

Sometimes they even made their own shortcuts.

They worked together, looking at the map.

They took turns.

Along the way, they picked up treasures of sticks and fuzzy caterpillars.

And ultimately, they found their way through and out of this corn maze.

Having fun every step of the way.

Let’s all, Go. Do that.

Today’s Action Challenge: Consider how you make your decisions.

Do you make a decision with confidence, feeling certain in your choices?

Or do you fret about every consequence, leaving you stranded in the maze?

Based on this, set a goal for yourself for the next time you are at your very own crossroads, cornstalk or not.


2 responses to “Decide. — Cornstalk Crossroads with Five Year Olds.

  1. Lead Our Lives says:

    Children teach us so much…if we slow down enough to watch and listen. Great story, as usual. 😉

    • MommyVerbs says:

      I fail everyday. But I’m trying to slow down. Even if it is just a minute here or there. To watch and listen. They give me the best stories…I just have to find the time to write them down. Life with X and Y. 🙂 Thank you for always being here. You. You are awesome!

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