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Want. To Wish. — To Wouldn’t It Be Cool If…

on October 14, 2013

light bulb blog

My equivalent of the cartoon light bulb above my head is when I hear myself say these words:

“Wouldn’t it be cool if…”

Beware of the “Wouldn’t it be cool ifs”. They can be equal parts amazing and challenging.

Because the “Wouldn’t it be cool ifs” imply that you believe in possibilities. The “Wouldn’t it be cool ifs” suggest that you trust that these impossibilities, these improbabilities can actually happen. The “Wouldn’t it be cool ifs” confirm your sneaky suspicions that you can make these impossible things … happen.

Over the years, the “Wouldn’t it be cool ifs” have brought me a lot of trouble. These “Wouldn’t it be cool ifs” have brought me headaches and sleepless nights and To Do lists a mile long.

But, she says, as she can’t help smiling, the “Wouldn’t it be cool ifs” have also brought me some amazing experiences and a few great adventures. These “Wouldn’t it be cool ifs” have also brought me opportunities, successes and realized dreams.

Because “Wouldn’t it be cool ifs’ are really just wants and wishes put into action with an idea.

Just one idea can move a want to a wish….and turn a wish into a “Wouldn’t it be cool if”… plan/scheme/book/blog/project/trip/business/career.

Whatever it is. A “Wouldn’t it be cool if” can make it real.

Last year, I was bold enough on my 40 days to 40 countdown to put my wants and wishes out into the universe. And the “Wouldn’t it be cool ifs” made these things happen:

I got that tattoo I had been talking about for 10 years.

I have been consistent in my blogging and have built a decent little following of readers and new bloggy friends.

I have become a health coach and am now working with busy Moms and families as clients.

I have started my own business.

I have created a new product that will be hitting stores soon.

I auditioned for a TED Talk but wasn’t selected.

I’m still working on the book. … and the book tour to follow….but I have started it!

I am being more intentional about how I spend my time and how I fuel my body.

And some things have stayed the same…

X still wants chocolate milk everyday. Y still wants to have friends over to play everyday. T still wants us to keep his office space just the way he wants it. I still want these things, too. I still want my house to be clean and the clothes put away. I still want toys in the toy box and real food on the table.

I still want inspiration and self control.

I still want patience and compassion.

I still want to do mission and also make money.

I still want flexibility and security.

I still want peace and excitement.

We all have these wants and wishes. We all want to be make it happen people with a lot of “Wouldn’t it be cool ifs” laying around, just waiting on us.

I have decided that we have to be confident in our wants.

So, what stops us? What gets in our way?

What do you want? What do you want to do?

Right now, make a list with three columns. One with your wants and wishes. One with all of your excuses, barriers, challenges.

And the third, reserve a space for your “Wouldn’t it be cool ifs”

Then see what you can make happen.

Turn a want into a wish. And make that wish come true.

Let’s All, Go. Do that!


3 responses to “Want. To Wish. — To Wouldn’t It Be Cool If…

  1. rarasaur says:

    A new product?! Cool! 🙂

  2. Jan says:

    Wouldn’t it be cool if I could be intentional with my 64th year like you were with your 40th year. What changes!!!! It’s amazing what can happen when you pay attention to each day and go do it! Love this blog!

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