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Ask. — Hangin’ out with the coach!

on September 4, 2013

Hey Everybody!! I am so excited that I recently met a new friend!!

And even more excited that this new friend is super awesome.

And even even MORE excited that this new friend full of awesome sauce asked lil’ ol’ me to guest blog over at his space today.

It is the first day of school and I have been in Kindergarten all day long…so I am JUST getting the time to get on here to send you all over there to my new friend, CoachDaddy!

And since he is a Coach and a cool kind of Dad who teaches his daughters about Metallica and ColdPlay and The Beatles, I thought it was appropriate that I share a lil’ story about another cool Dad I know. You know him as the best friend, partner, hubby, aka T. aka Fix it Felix … also known as … ZEN DADDY.  You need to know just how lucky my kids are that their Dad was in charge of staying home with them this summer, instead of me.  🙂

So, head on over to and learn more about the super awesome fun summer they all enjoyed. Be sure to like his page and drop him a note over there.  I want all of my friends to meet each other.

Because you know I think you all full of awesome sauce and it is fun to have you all marinate together!

Go, Do that!  Meet a new friend.

P.S. Since today is the first day of school, Felix says he is officially on vacation. He has plans to go to the lake tomorrow and rent a jet ski for the day.  He should totally do that. He deserves it!

Not Felix.

Not Felix.

Here’s the link:

Go check it out!


One response to “Ask. — Hangin’ out with the coach!

  1. Thanks for coming to my place, Sharon. Good stuff, and it’s awesome meeting some of your readers. Well done!

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