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Fail. — Candy Crush Contemplations

on August 29, 2013

1. You know how I feel about sugar. It is the devil. This game might be also.

2. It is addictive, like sugar, and will suck up your free time and your brain cells.

3. That being said, I’m on Level 28, trying to clear that stupid jelly.

4. What is that jelly stuff anyway? Seriously, candy in jelly? I don’t get it.

5. When I first saw the little girl in the pink dress, I thought she was a fish creature. Clearly, she is not. But still somewhat creepy.

6. I’m not sure why she is so upset when I don’t get rid of that jelly.  Why the tears? The drama? I want to tell her to get over it and stop making me feel bad for not getting her past the next level. I mean, really.

little candy girl

7. Is that tall CandyMan the one that says things like, “Sweet!” and “Tasty!” and “Delicious!”? Because I think his voice is creepy and suspicious.

8. The gameboard looks a lot like Candy Land. Is Hasbro paying attention?

9. Why is there a dragon in Lemonade Lake? Seems wrong.

10. Where did that genie in a bottle come from?

11. Why is there no end? I keep thinking that I have finished and magically new road appears with 30 new levels to get past. Even Y commented, “There’s no end to this game, Momma.” I know, honey. I know.

12.  I don’t like the red candies. They remind me of Mike n’ Ikes.  Which reminds me of licorice. I hate licorice. Hate.

13.  I really hope that no one out there uses real money to buy fake candy bombs. But I worry that people do.

14. It is nice that Candy Crush allows people to help each other out by sending out lives. It is nice to help people. We should all do that more in real life.

15. It is not nice to be told:

fail candy crush

Over and over. And over.

Failed? Failed who? Failed the little girl in the pink dress? There’s a little broken heart there, too. Wow. That’s a lot of pressure. She shows up and looks at me with her sad eyes and hands by her side, pleading with me..why? Why didn’t you do better? Why have you failed me so?

Really. I wouldn’t call this a fail. I just didn’t get past this level.

But fail. Sure. I have failed a few times. Really failed.

Failed. Failed. Failed. Failed. Failed.

I’m sure I failed a few tests, but I can’t tell you which ones for what class.

I have failed to keep resolutions and I haven’t met every goal that I have ever set.

I have sometimes failed to get things accomplished or maybe I’ve failed to remember things as I should.

But the failures that I remember crystal clearly are the ones that involve the people I may have failed. Real people. Not fake little cartoon girls in pink dresses. I’m talking about failed relationships. Failed friendships.  I’m sure I’ve done it. I can name a few.

Failing people is tough. Being failed by people is equally as tough. I can name a few times when folks have failed me, too.

Sometimes what makes it so hard,  is that they may not even know.  Just like I may not know how I’ve failed others.

Because, unlike Candy Crush, we don’t throw up a huge sign and say, “You failed me.”

But maybe we should.

Maybe, with the people that we really care about, the real people in our lives, we should tell them.

Talk about it. Reflect. Vent. Communicate. Apologize. Hug. (I can’t help it, I’m a hugger!)

Make it right if you can.

And then move on to the next level.

Because even in Candy Crush, as it should be in life, no matter how many times you fail…

You always get the chance to:


“Ever tried?  Ever failed?  No matter. Try Again. Fail again. Fail better. “

Samuel Beckett

6 responses to “Fail. — Candy Crush Contemplations

  1. i hate myself for getting into the game. I’ve played some levels over and over probably 50+ times! Lol. I don’t spend money on the game, but I know people who do. As you might suspect, it’s mostly people who shouldn’t be spending money on such stupid things since they can barely pay the rent.

  2. I refuse to get into Candy Crush (i’m still obsessing with Angry Birds…and what they teach my child). Sugar is bad…unless it’s fudge dribbled over ice cream or powdered over a doughnut…

  3. Jan Francis says:

    Too much stress! I play Song Pop…I’m in and out in 5 min…. but at the end of the week it has been keeping score and I FAIL more than not.

  4. Irvin Paul Freely says:

    It is powerful to recognize our failures.

  5. AJ says:

    Delete. Move on. Succeed! 🙂

  6. […] guest today, Sharon, writes a blog called Mommy Verbs. There, she contemplates the Candy Crush phenomenon, the rules of the road (trip), and reintroduces us to effective mom verbs, such as Receive, Blast, […]

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