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Receive. — A Gift, Just For Being Born

on August 14, 2013

baby girl1

Welcome Baby Girl.

We are so excited to receive you into our family. You are an amazing gift.

I know you just got here, but there are so many beautiful things in the world and I’m so excited for you! Your Mom and Dad and Big Brother will do a fine job of introducing you to the world and the world to you.  I just wanted to take a few minutes to let you know a couple of things about this brand new gift you have received…this gift called… family.  A gift that comes as a part of your very first birthday!

Oh, I know. You think you have already met your family. And you have! But those are just the people that live in your house. Oh my, Baby Girl, there is so much more to this thing called … family. There are lots and lots of other people in your family, all over the country. Some belong to your Dad, some belong to your Mom. Some are related, some are not, but these friends are  going to be such a huge part of your life, you will still know them as family.

And we all have one thing in common, we love you and yours and receive you into our worlds with wide open arms.

I know it seems tricky now and we all look alike and a probably a little blurry and you are very busy with the new things you have to remember to do here in the big world. I’m here to tell you though, that this thing called family doesn’t have to be that complicated.

See, I’m your Mom’s cousin. You are not even a day old, I have seen exactly two pictures of you and I want you to know that I love you. That’s simple enough. Even though I won’t see you everyday,  we will get to catch up on holidays and maybe a random weekend here and there. I will be able to keep up with how you are growing and will enjoy your stories as you make your way in the world. Computers and cell phones and email and even that ol’ facebook make this so much easier to do.

And I’m just ONE of many people in one small part of this family you have received, who already love you.

For the record, I think your/our family is pretty awesome.  For one, we eat well. Maybe not in the new non-GMO, organic kind of way, but, I promise you, when you get teeth, a whole new world will open up for you. Family meals are important to us. When we are together, we plan, prepare and enjoy many meals together. Y says you will love the fried potatoes and of course, no meal is complete without a corner of a Maw Betty cake for dessert. Or before dinner. Or for breakfast. Or just when you are walking through the kitchen. When you are old enough, we will let you help make the icing (and lick the beaters!) It’s tradition. And you don’t monkey with tradition!

We play more.  We play games. Trouble. Chinese Checkers. Get ready for us, we can be loud.  We meet in the smallest rooms, gather around a table and tell our stories. Sometimes at the same time. We love music and movies. We talk about these a lot. As a matter of fact, we are kind of experts on both topics. Trust me. Learn from the masters. They can teach you so much. Words and music are powerful and amazing friends. Speaking of words, we are writers. There are lots of writers around you. We have dreams of publishing and producing.  We love a good story, a powerful poem, a soulful script. We have some classic tales and you will hear them over and over. My advice: Put them to memory. Keep them close.

We choose happy.  We don’t always get along, all the time. Sometimes we might hurt a feeling or two. Families do that, too. But don’t worry, we make it right. We love to laugh more than anything and we always, always, always love each other. Always. That’s what families do, too.

Oh My, Baby Girl, there’s so much good in the world. And your family is just one of the gifts of this life. My advice: Slow down and just receive it. Open up your arms and receive it all.

We are yours. You are ours.

It’s a gift…just for being born.


13 responses to “Receive. — A Gift, Just For Being Born

  1. Jan says:

    Welcome baby girl! Mommyverbs you brought tears to Maw Betty’s eyes! 🙂

  2. Lead Our Lives says:

    Love. What a beautiful invitation to love(live) her life. I hope this will be printed and given to her family as a memento of her beginning. She will enjoy reading this when she is older. Simply beautiful. ❤

    • MommyVerbs says:

      Thanks! I talked to my cousin online tonight and she said she was planning to put it in her baby book. She’s so thoughtful and organized like that. She even had a professional photographer at the hospital today to capture those first day shots with big brother! They are amazing! ❤

      • Lead Our Lives says:

        Wonderful! You’re writing is imbued with the beauty of your loving heart. What a treasure for all of them. 😉

  3. Beverly S says:

    Beautifully said 😀

  4. AJ says:

    You captured the event if a new family member so well and added in the rest of the family circle so perfectly. Brought memories of welcoming my own nieces and nephews into our crazy, big family of mine. Those newborns are surely a gift and so is family. Thank you!

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