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Blast. — Backpacks and Pencils and Crayons, Oh My!

on August 14, 2013

Yesterday, as I was leaving work, I get the usual — a Can You Please Stop By the Store and Pick Up… list text from Felix.  So, 15 minutes later, armed with milk under one arm and toilet paper under the other, I was headed to the checkout lines.

But then, I found myself distracted. Helpless against the magnetic pull of a huge display of goods. Being a former elementary teacher, and a Momma to the very creative and equally destructive X and Y, I have no defenses against the allure of …  school supplies…on sale. Boxes of brand new sharply pointed crayons (full box, with none broken or missing!) 10 for 10 cents! Reams of unbent lined 3-hole punched paper! 50 cents each. Packs of pencils, erasers, pens, pencil boxes, highlighters, markers! And my new favorite: black and white composition notebooks!  *Sighs* All on sale. *Sighs again*

I picked up a few items, (I told you I can’t resist those crayons!) and then stopped by the school supply lists.  One for Y. Check. And …Oh Yeah…the boy child starts Kindergarten this year…I have to pick one up for him, too!  I think I may be subconsciously struggling with the fact that he is starting school. I keep forgetting to buy supplies for him, or remembering that he needs to go school shopping, too!  I hope I remember to put him on the bus in a few weeks! 🙂 Although I have a feeling he might remind me.

Later, at home,  I was looking over the list for each of the kiddos and it is the typical stuff. Many of the things listed above plus glue sticks and folders and scissors and notebooks. Hand sanitizer. Tissues.

It’s actually a lot. I mean it is the typical stuff that kids need at school, so I’m not saying it is too much. As a parent, now buying for two, I can see how this can really add up to be an investment. I started thinking about  all of the families with more than 2 kiddos in school. And then what about the families that are struggling a little to make all of the ends meet. Those that are loving their kids up, working multiple jobs to pay the bills, saving and scraping to make sure their kiddos don’t go without.  There are kiddos I know who have lost a parent or have seen tragedy and dealt with sadness that grownups couldn’t begin to handle. And the I also started thinking about the kiddos whose parents are just struggling…with bad choices or bad luck or whatever life has handed them…and school supply shopping is not even close to being on their to do list.

As a former teacher, I certainly spent plenty of my own money to purchase these supply items for my classroom just to make sure these kiddos had what they needed. But like I said, it’s a lot.  Just like families, school budgets have been under attack over the past few years and more and more is needed to help make it all come together in the classroom.

Which is why I am so thankful and appreciative for those in our community who take it upon themselves to help. To help others. In anyway they can. There are lots of opportunities for everyone to help all of these kiddos and families at the beginning of the school year.  There are “Pack the Bus” events or “Adopt a Student” or opportunities to purchase filled backpacks for students.

My challenge to all of us: Do something.  Pick something, some way to help students and families at the beginning of this school year.  Just something. Sponsor a family. Donate some money. Buy some crayons and drop them off at a school. Grab a few gift cards for shoe stores or haircuts and donate them to a local women’s resource center.

Do something.  

And if you are looking right now for the something you can do…let me again tell you about that little church in the little town doing big things. They are sponsoring a Backpack Blast. Taking action. Practicing what LOVE DOES by filling hundreds of backpacks for students in our community who are in need. Families who are facing extraordinary difficulties and loss. Kiddos who just want the fresh haircut and new shoes and nice backpack with all of the crayons and pencils and notebooks that they need to get started on a new school year full of opportunity.

If you are looking of your Do Something chance: Here is one way you can help:

You will be glad that you did something.

“I would send you a bouquet of newly sharpened pencils if I knew your name and address.” (You’ve Got Mail) But since I don’t…here are a few virtual pencils to enjoy and know that I adore you … for doing the something that helps others.

You. You are awesome.

English: Colour pencils. Español: Lápices de c...

English: Colour pencils. Español: Lápices de colores. Français : Crayons de couleurs. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


4 responses to “Blast. — Backpacks and Pencils and Crayons, Oh My!

  1. Jan says:

    LOVE THIS… I’m going to help!!!!

  2. Our little church does this too and I think it’s great to remember to help our community as well as our global community. I stock up now for the Samaritan’s Purse Christmas Shoe Box program too – Christmas is coming!! (whimper…)

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