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Camp. — Noises in the Night

on August 12, 2013

We are busy here; wrapping up summertime, cramming the last of our Spring/Summer Family Vision Board To Do list items onto our calendars.

Just like love does, this is our version of … Family Does: How to make ‘Family’ a Verb.

So, we went camping last night. I arranged for a vacation day for today. We made a list, stopped by the grocery store. Threw some sleeping bags, pillows and our tent into the minivan and headed down to the lake for a night under the (clouds) stars.

We set up our camp, went for a swim, started a campfire, roasted our dinners (well, some of us did, others of us, namely me, are of the newly vegetarian sort, and had a tomato and hummus sandwich) and then later some s’mores of course. We played some go fish at the picnic table and then X beat all of us a time or two (or three) at Connect Four. (A.G.A.I.N.)


I forced some good ol’ fashioned brushing of teeth outside with some classic spitting into the leaves and rinsing with bottled water. We loaded up with flashlights and took one more trip to the bathhouse, reminding Y at least 19 times not to shine that light in my eyes. Then we climbed into pajamas and into sleeping bags.

Just as we were saying our “Good Nights, I Love Yous” the noise began. All of a sudden. As if someone had switched off daylight and simultaneously switched on the crickets. I mean, I think they were crickets. Except the noise was coming from the trees.

Do crickets hang out at night in trees? Yep, says Google. There is such a thing called a tree cricket.

And they sound like this, only a million and 17 times louder:

Yeah. Turn that volume way up and it is no where near what it sounded like last night. X wanted to go outside and ‘get that bird making all that noise’ and I kept reassuring him that if he would just lay down and relax, then he would be able to go to sleep. But honestly, I wasn’t sure that was going to be true for me.

Fortunately, the kiddos fell asleep and other than a little bit of tossing and turning, they did pretty well. I did that thing I do, where I take short little naps and then check on people and cover them up and put the boy-child back into his sleeping bag because he flips around like a fish when he sleeps.

I listened and tried to catch the raccoon who skillfully got into the little bag of trash we had hanging on a post.

While awake and listening to the noises, I made some notes on my iphone for future blog posts.

And I drifted in and out of sleep and marveled at just how hard the ground was feeling on my hips and on my back and neck and … well, I don’t recommend sleeping on the ground when you are 40. Felix agreed with me this morning as he admitted that I was right and we should have brought the extra sleeping bag and air mattress to sleep on.

Finally, in a deep sleep, the alarm clock went off. Yes, nature’s alarm clock: The crow. The very loud, very obnoxious. The very inconsiderate, “Hey, People are trying to sleep here” Crow. Starting doing his thing at 6:15 this morning. Amazingly that is exactly when the tree crickets stopped. Interesting.

As soon as I heard it, I just started giggling, knowing that this would indeed wake up my people, way too early for our own good.

(Again, turn it up and it is not even close to the decibels over my head this morning.)

And it did.

And the first words out of the boy-child’s mouth this morning: “I’m going to get that bird making all that noise.”

Which made me wonder: “How do these animals get any sleep with all of that ruckus all night long!?”



4 responses to “Camp. — Noises in the Night

  1. Lead Our Lives says:

    Awesome! I so enjoy your stories. I feel as if I am there. Another great one, Sharon!

    • MommyVerbs says:

      Thanks so much. I’m with you, I appreciate a good story. I write them down, so I stand a chance of remembering them some day! Ha! You should know that I picked the minister who married Felix and I because his business card said, Minister, Teacher, Storyteller. Done.

  2. You’re a great Mom. I slept out with Little Guy once…two years ago, on the back deck…on an air mattress…and I watched a movie while I waited for him to go to sleep. As soon as morning came and he was awake, I headed to my own bed to get caught up! I’ve talked Big Guy into spending a night with Little Guy in the tent in 2 weeks. Sometimes it pays to have kids far enough apart! lol

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