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Invite. — Cameron Crowe Throws the Best Parties.

on July 31, 2013

you-are-invited-tagsA few things have converged to prompt this little invitation.

1. A friend of mine started writing again today. She shared that MommyVerbs had inspired her. I am truly humbled and honored to play just a small, teeny tiny role in someone’s journey to … blog.

2. I got a sweet little surprise note in the mail that included a handmade friendship bracelet from a fellow blogger who inspired and helped me along my blogging adventures. Rarasaur is one of the most genuinely sincere and creatively talented writers I have never met. She is a helper spirit for sure with amazing gifts.

braceletAnd I am wearing this bracelet proudly as a reminder to create and pay it forward as I can.

And 3. This past weekend, many of my other favorite bloggers that I have also never met, traveled to Chi-town to participate and play at the annual BlogHer Conference.  I was a little jealous. I didn’t get an invitation.

Not that I needed an actual invitation, of course. I just needed to buy a ticket to the conference. And a plane ticket. And a hotel room. So, that didn’t happen…this year.

But it looked like a lot of fun was had by all. I’ve enjoyed reading about it and hearing about the stories behind the stages and the plots and ploys after the presentations. I’m not sure that I would be invited to their parties actually. Because a) they don’t know me and b) I don’t use the f-bomb enough or talk about body parts enough. I may not come across as shocking. **Shocking, I know.** Although I would love a seat at the table … or at least a look through the window! Ha!

All of these things have led me to want to share this with you. I want to invite you to this party. If you are a writer, or even if you are not. If you have been thinking about it, if you have even been talking about…I’d like to invite you to start telling your own story. Sharing your own voice. When you have time. As you are able. Whatever this looks like, make it yours.

And just to make it all just a little more … inviting…maybe this will help. I’ve decided that this whole blogging thing is really like a great and wonderful party scene from a classic Cameron Crowe directed movie. (To be honest, I sometimes wish I lived in a Cameron Crowe movie party scene. I mean, there is guaranteed to be some amazing music playing in the background and always a clever, endearing line to be delivered at every turn. How could that be a bad thing?!)

Come on, now. Can’t you just see it?

ione_skye3It’s summer time. I have officially graduated to premier blogger status and I am AT the blog party of the year. People I have never talked to before are signing my yearbook. I’m there with the blogger equivalent of my beloved Lloyd Dobler and we have this exchange:

LLOYD-inpired Blogger Friend: “Uh, did you… so what did they write in your book, what did they write to MommyVerbs?”
I open my yearbook. “Alright, this is some of the things they wrote me: ‘Glad I finally met you’, ‘You always seemed nice’, ‘Wish I could have known you more’…
Humble-Lloyd-ish Blogger Pal: “Mine say stuff like ‘Lloyd, see you around maybe.'”
I reply: ‘Nobody knew me before tonight.’
Lovely delightful Dobler Blogger: “They knew of you. Now they know you.”
Me again: “Yeah, but I feel like I fit in for the first time, you know? Like I just held them far away from me, and they did the same to me.”
Awesome Blogger Lloyd: “That’s cool then.”
Later, a random fan comes up to me and compliments my outfit. “That’s a very nice hat you’re wearing… and I don’t mean that in an Eddie Haskell kind of way.” Which just makes me giggle and blush a little. cliff
Later, after the blog party really gets going…”I always tell the girls, never take it seriously, if ya never take it seriously, ya never get hurt, ya never get hurt, ya always have fun, and if you ever get lonely, just go to your WordPress Reader and visit your friends.”
And toward the end of the evening, the reporters are asking me questions like: “Do you have to be depressed to write a sad blog? Do you have to be in love to write a love blog? Is a blog better when it really happened to you? Like “Cry.–Like Holly Hunter in Broadcast News“, where did you write that and who was it about?”home
Eventually I will say, “I have to go home.” To which my favorite readers and book tour groupie fans (you know who you are!) simply say, ”

You. Are. Home.”

End Scene.

(I can think of exactly four people who will actually get these references to some of my all-time favorite movies. Which is fine. I promise though, if you hang out with me more often, you will fall in love with these classics, too.)

Here’s the thing … if you have any interest at all in blogging or writing, I invite you to go and do that. Start a site. Start writing. Start sharing your thoughts and ideas with the world. It is great therapy and you will be introduced to other folks that are more like you, making the world that much smaller. And the world wants to hear from you. We really do.

(And if you need any help…let me know…I am happy to tell you what I’ve learned along the way!)

Still worried that this party is not for you? That you would be just a wallflower? That you don’t have anything important or funny or clever to say? That those fancy bloggers with a million followers who are writing the books and going on TV are better or more talented or funnier than you? That there is some secret guide or key or clue to showing up at this gig?

 “Trust me. Everybody is less mysterious than they think they are.”

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9 responses to “Invite. — Cameron Crowe Throws the Best Parties.

  1. Jan Francis says:


  2. rarasaur says:

    Pshaw, indeed! Everyone is brilliant in their own way and there’s always something they can contribute to a party. I was bummed to not make it to BlogHer this year, since the nomination was so… overwhelmingly awesome… but it just wasn’t in the cards, life being what it is for me right now.

    The bracelet looks fabulous on you! You’re wearing it, that’s so wonderful! I really didn’t expect anyone to put it on. 😀 You made my day. 🙂

    “You. Are. Home. ” – Beautiful!!

  3. […] MommyVerbs – Invite. […]

  4. Thrilled to attend. Loving it! And yes, I’m starting to feel like I “fit” somewhere…for the first time…

  5. Lead Our Lives says:

    Love your blog. Love this wonderful world of bloggers who support each other. I am beginning to feel at home here! Great post! 😉

  6. AJ says:

    Great party! Thanks for the invite, the motivation, and the offer to help (I’ll need it!).

  7. YOU throw the best parties 🙂 Truly, you inspire me and hold a special place in my heart and life. I am horrible with ensuring consistent time to devote to blogging and staying connected to the Blogging Community–when I am slacking off I do miss you tremendously! Know that you and your words touch a great many people.

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