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Procrastinate. — I’m Surrounded By Frogs!

on July 17, 2013

This morning, I was giving the dog fresh water in his outside bowl. It was really early, like 0’dark early. I reached down for the bowl and there was a frog, all stretched out in the water.

Ewww. Gross. Frog. Was my first thought.

Then…wait, frogs don’t drown in water bowls, do they? Was my 2nd thought.

Just as my hand reached the side of the bowl, the frog jumped, or woke up or something and I screamed and picked up the bowl and threw the water and the frog into the bushes. I’m not sure about the frog…but I sure was awake then.

So, to say that my day started with frogs is a true statement.

And I’ve been dealing with frogs…All. Day. Long.

Stay with me for a minute…

I don’t know what your working style is…but deadlines are my friend.

I enjoy a deadline. A timeline gives me purpose. We all know how I feel about a good ol’ fashioned To Do list.

Because without (and sometimes even with) a due date, I can, on occasion, wait until the 11th, more like 9th hour to begin working on projects.

Well, not really.

Because I’m always thinking about projects, waiting for the right idea or even the right motivation to strike, which in my world is really doing work, too.

Lately, I’ve had a lot of projects, big projects, some of my choosing, some not so much, just sitting around on my desk.  Some are in my home. Some are in my closet. There are a couple in the garage. One in the backyard. Even one in my car.

And lots and lots on my laptop.

Just sitting there. Waiting for me to get to them.  Wondering why I keep walking past them, stepping over them, shuffling them around. Throwing them into bushes.

Watch this video. It is one of my all time favorites.

These are my frogs.

I really need to eat some of these. Soon.

Right after I finish writing this blog about getting some of my stuff done.

Yeah, maybe then, I will get to the eating…of the frogs.

Or maybe I can just throw a few more of them into the bushes… Just sayin’.

P.S. No frogs were hurt in the production of this blog post.

Well, that’s assuming the frog from this morning was fine and I have to believe he was. 🙂


One response to “Procrastinate. — I’m Surrounded By Frogs!

  1. Mandi says:

    Ahhh, Eat that Frog is one of my favorite books! I think of it and refer to it often. I’ve even been known to quote the idea in my one one one meetings with my team.

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