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Love. Does. — Love Does What?!

on July 17, 2013

You know that little church in the little town that is doing big things?

Come on, now. I’ve told you about it…

here, here, and here.

Click on the links to get caught up.

So, this summer, the people of the little church in the little town doing big things are exploring the idea of Love Does.

Based on a book by Bob Goff, called Love Does: Discover a Secretly Incredible Life in an Ordinary World.

Yes. Love Does.

Which I love.

For many reasons, … but MommyVerbs is always going to be a fan of a verb that is also a noun.

And I am in love with the idea of using a verb and a helping verb together.

And bonus, because I love to play fast and loose with punctuation and grammar around here…

you know I’m going to love that the helping verb is now the verb, being helped by a verb pretending to be a noun.

MommyVerbs Trifecta!

But I digress, as they say.

So. Love Does. Huh? Love Does What?

Let me show you a little about what I think Love Does….

Love Reaches. Love Helps. Love Lifts. Love Carries. Love Shows. Love Holds. Love Stands. Love Delivers. Love Laughs. Love Cries. Love Hopes. Love Prays. Love Comforts. Love Feeds. Love Listens. Love Watches. Love Hears. Love Learns. Love Saves. Love Connects. Love Cares. Love Shares. Love Teaches. Love Knows. Love Thinks. Love Sings. Love Plays. Love Forgives. Love Restores. Love Includes. Love Invites. Love Opens. Love Offers. Love Attends. Love Friends. Love Cheers. Love Champions. Love Encourages.  Love Lends. Love Nurtures.  Love Rescues.  Love Serves. Love Sponsors. Love Challenges. Love Sustains. Love Works. Love Breathes. Love Lives. Love Calls. Love Displays. Love Discovers. Love Delights. Love Attaches. Love Enjoys. Love Commits. Love Feels. Love Smiles. Love Leans. Love Wishes. Love Gives. Love Loves.

See. It is true. And … Secretly Incredible. 

Love. Does.


4 responses to “Love. Does. — Love Does What?!

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