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Tire. — Two Kiddos. One Remedy.

on July 16, 2013

They really couldn’t be more different.

X and Y.

The boy-child and the girl-child.

There are a lot of obvious ways that they are different.

Y’s a girl. X’s a boy. (I know, you are confused by the chromosome thing…don’t worry, I didn’t fail biology and I know what I’m doing.)

She’s older. He’s the little bother brother.

She’s got flair. He’s silly funny.

She’s dramatic. He’s chill.

And when they are overtired:

She falls apart. She turns into a puddle. She gets frustrated by life and anything and everything, but she doesn’t know why. She just feels like crying.

He gets hyper. He wallows on you.  He talks through his teeth. He talks non-stop…for hours.

But they both need the same thing.

A few extra cuddles from Mom and Dad.

And an express ticket to the bedtime train.

All Aboard!



3 responses to “Tire. — Two Kiddos. One Remedy.

  1. Jan says:

    Oh how I love them!!!! Great comparison. 🙂

  2. Sigh. “he wallows on you” – that is THE perfect description. We’re experiencing a heat wave so no one is sleeping as well or burning off energy outside & Little Guy is used to having besides me to entertain him…so he’s wallowing, a lot! Thank you for giving “it” a name! 🙂

  3. This is so sweet! I have two girls, but I can already tell they are going to be very different. My oldest is the typical first born. Driven, competitive, deliberate. My youngest is fearless, fiercely independent, and dancing to her own beat.

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