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Fix. — Hey Men…FYI…We usually DO know what the problem really is.

on July 11, 2013

You know I’m married to Fix-It Felix, right?

He constantly wants to pull nails out of my head.

It is so annoyingly, lovingly sweet.

Because the thing is.  I love that he wants to pull a nail out my head. I mean. Come on, if I have a nail in my head, I’d probably prefer that it be out, instead of protruding from my forehead. Ouch.

I don’t want to feel that pressure all the time. I don’t want to not be able to sleep. And I certainly don’t want all of my sweaters to be snagged. I mean, all of them.

And while I don’t want the nail in my head, that doesn’t mean that I don’t know that it is there. And just because it is still there, doesn’t mean that I haven’t seriously considered how to get it out.

The nail. I’m thinking about it. I’m processing it. I’m wondering what the nail means and what I’m supposed to learn from it. I’m trying to decide what the nail represents and what strategy will work best to create some resolution. I’m even considering the best way to get it out without hurting anyone’s feelings.

Of course, I would reach up and yank it out if I thought it was the best solution. Of course, it is more complicated than that.

The reason you guys, boyfriends, husbands, friends,  get in trouble  sometimes, is that you want to just jump three steps ahead, skip all of this important meaning-making and do the obvious thing of … just reach up and jerk it out.

As the wise Claire Colburn said in “Elizabethtown”: “Men see things in a box. Women see them in a round room.”

It’s not about the nail.

But thanks for trying. ❤


5 responses to “Fix. — Hey Men…FYI…We usually DO know what the problem really is.

  1. Jan Francis says:

    I so get this!!!!!

  2. Lead Our Lives says:

    I saw the video earlier this week and laughed! I love that you have given it grateful perspective! By the way, this is also an opportunity for us to see ourselves, too. As Moms we often want to “fix it” rather than allowing the explanation, processing or whatever is needed or appropriate for our children. We simply want to get them out of pain or discomfort in the moment. Yep…I know this one better now than I did at the time. GREAT post. 😉

  3. Jan Francis says:

    Hey didn’t I post something by Jason Headey? That was hysterical!!!!!

  4. I’m such a guy! I just want to rip that thing out! I sometimes feel that way with Hubby too (both as the man and the woman) If I could just….lol

    • MommyVerbs says:

      LOL! I was watching with a friend who said the exact same thing. It just frustrated her, while I laughed and laughed. Next time, I’ll just call on you…there’s something easier about a friend pulling out your nail, than your partner. Felix gets in trouble for condescending when he doesn’t mean to. With friends, it doesn’t feel like that!

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