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Care. — A Blessing in Two Colors.

on May 30, 2013

x and ruby 2011  Graduation 2011 and some ballin 106

Ms. Ruby Lavender.

I know it sounds made up. But it is not.

Ruby. Lavender.

Ms. Ruby.

For the past seven years, I’ve been driving up a partially graveled road, dodging potholes, through a tunnel of trees, past a pasture with two horses grazing; then making a slight left turn down a driveway, parking around the back of the house.

For the past seven years, I’ve been walking in either a girl child or a girl and a boy child combo or just a boy child into a little brick house; saying “Good Morning” to the little people who greeted me and then having a quick conversation with Ms. Ruby.

For the past seven years, I’ve been kissing cheeks and giving hugs and cuddles before heading off to work.

I never worried about my kiddos. Because I knew they were loved. And I knew exactly what their day was going to be like.

They would head down the hallway to the little classroom where they would sit with four or five of their little classmates. They would sit at the green table in one of the multi-colored chairs in front of their name. They would stand and try their best to recite the pledge of allegiance. They would listen to a Bible story and maybe watch Ms. Ruby ‘act’ it out on her little felt board with little felt-backed pictures. They would sing some songs. Then they would color or paint or practice their letters or math. They might draw shapes or make crafts. But they were also learning how to share, how to follow directions, how to ask for help, or just as importantly how to help someone else.

After class, they would head outside to ride bikes. To draw with sidewalk chalk. To play on the slide or the swingset. To chase each other and play ball or jump rope. To use their imagination and make up games with pirates and bad guys. All under the watchful eye of Ms. Ruby.

Back inside for lunch. Mac n’ cheese. Or turkey sandwiches. Green Beans. Maybe pizza.

Then a little more playtime before settling in for a nap upstairs in the living room. Little people on little mats under little blankets with heads sweetly sleeping on pillows. I would never have believed that my Y voluntarily laid down and took a nap with others around her…until the day Ms. Ruby proved it with a picture.

After nap, there was always a snack. Sometimes more cookies than I would like mine to have, but from Ms. Ruby it was somehow a little okay.

Then there was more playtime. Outside or inside in the play room. It didn’t matter, just time to play!

Until either Momma or Daddy came back to pick them up. When they would kiss and hug Ms. Ruby ‘bye.’ (And she would kiss his dimple!) And … send them to the classroom to get their candy for being good that day. (I know. I know. I shook my head a lot, too. But from Ms. Ruby, it was somehow okay.)

I still remember the very first day I drove up that gravel road. Seven years ago.

But today was the last day that I’ll make that trip and leave a kiddo there.

The next time we drive down that driveway, it will be just to visit and say “Hello!”

Because Ms. Ruby is retiring.  After 22 years, she is closing the doors on little Deerwood Daycare. Of course, since these are also the doors to her home, I think those will still be open.

What a blessing she has been and IS to us.

A blessing in two colors.

Ms. Ruby Lavender.

Ms. Ruby:

We thank you for:

Warm morning greetings

Honey buns and pancakes

2nd helpings—we are growing after all!

Time to sing and learn

Helping us ‘sign’ the ‘e’ in our names


Time to laugh and play

Time to be ourselves

Pizza and Mac ‘n’ cheese

Bread ‘n’ butter

Resting time

Soft lullabies

Holding us in a rocking chair

Gentle reminders

Modeling good manners

Helping us wear our helmets while we ride

Swingsets and sliding boards

Mommy and Daddy love you’s

Hugs and kisses in

Spring flowers, summer sunshine, fall leaves, and winter snow

We thank you for giving us wonder, wisdom and wishes.

And We thank you for helping us reach our dreams!

We love you, Ms. Ruby.


4 responses to “Care. — A Blessing in Two Colors.

  1. Melissa says:

    Tear–Up. So sweet! Hope X is mine in the fall!

  2. Jan says:

    I love Ms. Ruby too. I remember the very fist time I talked to her on the phone. She said “Hi I’m Ruby and I was calling to talk to Sharon.” I said “MS. RUBY!!!!” It felt like I knew her already and she laughed. I thanked her on Saturday after graduation. I thanked her for taking such wonderful care of my sweet grandchildren. I thanked her for the past seven years of knowing that my Y & X were safe and happy during the work days. I’ll miss you Ms. Ruby Lavender. 🙂
    Enjoy your next adventure.

  3. Lead Our Lives says:

    Love. – what a lovely tribute to someone who had such profound influence on the early growth and development of your angels. a true gift.

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