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Graduate. — From a Front Porch.

on May 26, 2013

From a front yard.

Under a canopy of trees.

We have watched you grow.

From a front porch.

Every Memorial Day Weekend.

We have listened to you sing and recite Bible verses.

Standing in the grass. Camera in hand.

Over the years. We have memorized and recorded…

A tradition of graduation.

From a Front Porch.

little x 3 little x 2  little x 09

From the days of your too-long-for-a-boy red hair with curls that I just couldn’t bring myself to cut.

When you wouldn’t stand with your sister and wondered around the yard.

When you didn’t know the words. And you were just too cute to care.

looking bored  on the porch  x and y

To the days when you did stand with the others, but looked bored through most of the program.

When you finally figured out what this performance was all about.

And you stood with your sister and sang a few songs.

x and z  x 2011  certificate 2011

Then you were three and looked so big and so little all at the same time.

Your little voice carried across the yard as you stood next to and looked up to your best friend, Z.

And PawPaw Clarence called you Red as you received your certificate.

x with flag  Ruby and X  x certificate 12

Then you led the group out with the long-awaited great honor of carrying the flag.

When you were so proud to wear your medal from the bike race the day before.

And you looked like a professional, knowing all of the words and all of the verses.

photo (5)  2013 class  all done

To this year. Wearing a royal blue cap and gown with a 2013 tassel.

You sang the loudest and recited verses and poems with unmatched confidence, the little ones looking up to you.

When you gave PawPaw Clarence a High Five. Got a kiss and a hug from Ms. Ruby. Carried your new bible and diploma.

And you graduated. From a Front Porch.

Congratulations X. We are so very proud of the little man you are.

What’s next on your bucket list?

Kindergarten, you say?


5 responses to “Graduate. — From a Front Porch.

  1. Lead Our Lives says:


  2. Jan says:

    I’m so happy I was there to witness him graduate from a front porch. He performed like a pro. Congratulations X! I love you!!!!

  3. Stephanie Marshall says:


  4. 43fitness says:

    Time flies – sweet photos, except the kids all look like they were taken the same day!

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