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Wait. — No Matter How Early.

on May 21, 2013

I get up early, sunrise early, to take the dog for a walk.

Just as I am ready to head out the door with leash in hand, here comes the boy child toddling down the steps.

He wants to go with me if I can just wait for him to go get pants and socks.

So I wait.

That same child goes upstairs and wakes up his sister.


Now she wants to go, but she needs to find her shoes.

Sigh. So I wait.

Outside, the boy child now doesn’t want to walk, but ride his bike instead, which requires the garage door to be opened.

Finally, we walk.

And talk.

She holds my hand.

We make little discoveries in the grass and the trees together.

We watch the fog lift and the sun rise above the ridge together.

We chat about the day ahead and list the things we are looking forward to doing together.

We breathe in the morning breeze and I say a little prayer for another day we have together.

Sorry to everyone, Felix and the neighbors, for being noisy as we walked so early this morning.


This morning, knowing the heartache that is happening in Oklahoma…

This Momma just couldn’t say “No” to spending some time with my kiddos.

No matter how early.

holding hands


5 responses to “Wait. — No Matter How Early.

  1. As I’ve noticed that my 9 year old has become quite a mature little girl, I kick myself for having missed out on some of her little requests like these to join me in otherwise mundane tasks over the years. I’m much better at including the boys and of course finding time for the 9 year old as well now. It’s especially easy after a tragedy.

  2. Susan Frye says:

    Ahhh….you make me cry and smile at the same time! Love you!

  3. Guylene says:

    So sweet!

  4. Lead Our Lives says:


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