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Fever. — Is that a Verb? I can’t decide…

on May 13, 2013

feverEvery time I have a fever, I am reminded of the amazing machines that our bodies really are.

Seriously, when things are working right, our bodies maintain a lovely 98.6 degree temperature. And unless we go accidentally swimming in an icy pond for a long period of time, it will just stay there … at 98.6 degrees, with everything working perfectly.

But raise that temperature just a tiny little bit, to say 99.5 degrees and tah-dah…now you have a fever.

And you feel awful. And ache-y. And a little sad.

I usually don’t need a thermometer to tell me if I’m running a fever. There are a few symptoms I have come to know.

I can always tell if I have a fever because I get the chills and sweats. Oh yeah? You get that, too?

Well, I can also always tell if I have a fever because my eyes feel hot.

They do. Don’t laugh. It is not nice to laugh at an under the weather blogger Mom.

It’s mean, really. (I’m also a little sensitive when I’m running a fever…does it show?)

Other symptoms of fever for me come in the form of not being able to make decisions. Even the easiest of choices feel completely overwhelming, so please don’t bother trying to get me to decide if I need medicine or not. And if you think I might on some planet want or need a blanket, just bring me one, don’t ask me if I want one. Then don’t act surprised if I cry when you ask me if I am hungry and if I want something to eat.

Because with a fever, I’m most likely to win the ‘Cries A Lot’ award. (A little sensitive, see?)

But Felix probably can tell you the most obvious symptom of all when I am running a fever.

He. Can. Say. Nothing. Right.

Poor guy. I’m not entirely sure how to help him. But it is true. He can barely utter a word that I don’t take as condescending or bossy or judge-y.


But then again, I got 2  texts from Felix from X’s ball game that I missed tonight.

The first one:  “It is like watching the Bad News Bears…playing in the dirt, picking noses, doing twirls… oh my. :-)”

And then:  QUOTE: “Rest. Feel Better. (Said in a soft, warm tone.)” END QUOTE.

Hang in there, Felix.

I think I’m feeling better.

My eyes aren’t that hot anymore (and I’ll hit the green smoothie with oranges added tomorrow.)


4 responses to “Fever. — Is that a Verb? I can’t decide…

  1. Jan says:

    Even though you don’t feel good, I had to laugh at your pain because you made it sound so funny. 🙂

  2. Amy says:

    Feel better! I get very weepy when I have a fever too, actually glad to read I’m not alone in that. Take care of yourself!

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