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Compliment. — The Ultimate for Any Mom.

on May 9, 2013

Some people say that the best compliment for any Momma or Daddy is the moment that your child either mumbles under their breath or yells, “I HATE YOU!”

Those same people say that is when you truly know you are doing your job as a parent. Because you are standing up. You are saying NO. You are not being friendly, or fun, or popular. But you are standing your ground for what is right as a parent.

That particular phrase hasn’t been hurled at me just yet, but my X and Y are young–I’m sure that there is still lots of time for that — although I’m not particularly looking forward to it or anything.

Instead, I have been holding out and waiting for what I consider to be the ULTIMATE in compliments when it comes to my Mommyhood style.

The compliment of …. “I’m so glad YOU are MY Mom.”

I still remember the moment that I paid this compliment to my own Mom. It was the moment that I discovered that I had it really good when it came to the MOM department.  That I was really lucky and fortunate and very thankful to have her.

I had spent the night with a friend. We were having a fun time, but I just wasn’t that comfortable around this friend’s Momma. Don’t get me wrong, she was lovely and friendly and generous and delightful. She just had a different style, a different tone, a different way of doing things. And it was all so foreign to me that I started missing the comforts of my own home, my own Momma.

I still remember coming home that weekend, hugging my Momma and telling her, “I’m so glad YOU are MY Mom.” And better yet. I really meant it.  I loved my Mom and still do. I loved her style. I loved her tone. I loved how she did things. She was mine. She was just perfect for me. And still is.

And while I’m in no hurry to receive feedback from my kiddos in the form of an impassioned “I HATE YOU!”, I did have my own opportunity to receive the ULTIMATE compliment from my Y a couple of weeks ago.

She had gone over to a friend’s house for a playdate. When she came home, she hugged me and said that her friend’s Mom was really tough on her friend. She explained that her friend was frustrated and threw something down in anger. Her Mom pulled her friend to the side and told her quietly that she would be grounded for the next two days for acting like that. Y interpreted that as being really harsh…”Two days with no friends over?! Just for throwing that thing down because she was mad? That seems like a lot of punishment for something so little.”

And then she hugged me again and said the words: “I’m so glad YOU are MY Mom!”

To be clear, I came to the other Mom’s defense as I know her to be good and reasonable and explained this to Y.

But in my head, I was fist pumping with a little “YES!” while doing a little happy dance.

For I had just been handed the ULTIMATE in Mom compliments.


mom and me


P.S. If you are struggling to come up with a good compliment for your MOM or DAD or anyone else really, you need to check out Keep refreshing for new ones until you will find one that works for you! Guaranteed to make you smile! 🙂 Like this: “Your prom date still thinks about you all the time.” OR “Everyone was super jealous of your SAT score.” OR “You could be an astronaut if you wanted to. NASA so told me so.” OR (last one I swear!) “You have the power to start and WIN a dance-off.” Just sayin’. 🙂


5 responses to “Compliment. — The Ultimate for Any Mom.

  1. Jan says:

    I remember being so so happy my mom was my mom too. And I still am!!!!
    Another good one mommyverbs!

  2. says:

    Thanks for putting a smile on my face. & what a beautiful photo of you and your Mom!! Happy Mother’s Day week.

  3. Lead Our Lives says:

    Evoke. – Beautiful! Loved this!

  4. […] Compliments for Mom. Seriously, people are googling nice things to say to their Mom? And what in the world did they find on MommyVerbs that tell them what to say to their Mommas? I hope they found some good ideas, but if not, just tell your Momma that you love her. And that you are so glad she is your Mom. And give her a hug. She’ll appreciate that. […]

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