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Save. — Above: Weekly Photo Challenge Chicago

on May 3, 2013

Save. As in….

Save Ferris!

Yes. When I explore a city, I don’t usually bother with the tour books. I skip some of the ‘must sees’.

I am more likely to try to find the places, or do the memorable things, featured in my all-time favorite movies. Or at least get close to them.

It is what I do. I own it. I’ve done it for years.

I won’t be judged! 🙂

Here’s MY version of standing on the rail with my head on the window, looking down… ala Ferris, Cameron and Sloane….

above, Chicago.

“The city looks so peaceful from up here.”


And one more…

Because it really IS a pretty city.

Good Night, Chicago.



7 responses to “Save. — Above: Weekly Photo Challenge Chicago

  1. Joe on the Go! says:

    Great photos of Chicago! I loved living there except for the coooold weather. Check out one of my secrets revealed in this video

  2. Shut the Front Door..these pictures are awesome. Hope you didn’t get dizzy!

    • MommyVerbs says:

      Amazingly, I have no problem with heights. Small spaces is a different story, but I could do heights all. day. long! Thanks for checking out these pics! It’s been a fun trip!

      • My grandmother took me to NYC for my eight grade graduation present. Of course, the Empire State building was on her list of “must see” stops. When we stood in front of the building, I looked up..and up..and up and politely declined to take a trip to the top! So, you are much braver than me!

  3. Jan says:

    Love your pictures of Chicago!!!! Makes me want to visit sometime.

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