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Warn. — This Blog Should Come with a Label.

on April 30, 2013


My blog should have come with a warning label.

I walked around all weekend telling no one in particular, “I think my thumb is broken.”

And when no one stopped what they were doing to show how much they cared, I started doing my own thumb therapy and exploring the possible causes.

Finally, I diagnosed myself: MommyVerbs-itis. 

You see, ideas for my blog come at random times and I am often in the middle of other things with no time to grab pencil and paper, so I take some notes on my phone on the little yellow notepad app.

I also am addicted to checking my WordPress stats page and reading comments. I check my email with baited breath waiting and wishing for that note from the Freshly Pressed folks.

Ok. I also check my MommyVerbs facebook page to see if new friends have been found.

And this is why my thumb feels broken.  It is the fault of MommyVerbs. All of the swiping and swooping and texting and typing and clicking…I have actually injured my thumb!

It’s a real thing. And it hurts.

So, if MommyVerbs should come with a blogging “May make your thumb hurt!” label, it may also need a few other warning labels as well:

“May become addictive.”

“May cause you to think of verbs everywhere you go.”

“May cause you to talk too much about your blog.”

“May cause you to say things like, Yeah, I’m gonna blog about that.”

“May cause your knee to hurt when you sit too long on the couch with your legs folded under you.”

“May cause drowsiness when you stay up too late to write because it is the only time you have.”

“May cause you to develop friendships with people without knowing their real names, only their stories.”

Another symptom:

“May cause you to totally fall in love with blogging and writing just a little everyday.”



6 responses to “Warn. — This Blog Should Come with a Label.

  1. writermomangela says:

    I believe blogging is addictive. I haven’t hit bottom yet so I’m not ready to admit I have a problem. I can quit anytime. So long as that’s not now. Or tomorrow.

    • MommyVerbs says:

      I think they say that the first step is admitting you have a problem. So…if you don’t admit it, maybe it is not a problem. No quitting this one! Keep writing! 🙂 (And thanks for reading, too!)

  2. Lead Our Lives says:

    I get it…your blog is a treasure as is your Facebook page. I follow both and enjoy all that you share. Take care of that thumb! Maybe a well placed small Moleskin journal might be an alternative to using that iPhone (she says as she wonders where hers is). There is something about writing…with a pen/pencil that is deeply satisfying. Keep writing…I keep reading!

    • MommyVerbs says:

      You are awe.some. I did go buy a journal to do some more writing and well, journaling this weekend. Instead of moleskin, I like a good hardcover, spiral bound artists sketch book. Funny how we all have our things to write in!

  3. […] My Thumb Hurts. This is my version of a public service announcement for take good care of your opposable thumbs. It is what separates us from the primates. You will miss them when they don’t work. Or pop and crack like mine do. So, maybe get a notebook and pen sometimes instead of doing any major writing on your tiny iPhone. […]

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