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Coach. — Ode to the Recreation League.

on April 27, 2013


Kudos to the Coaches.

They sign up.

They volunteer.

They go to the pre-season meetings.

They get the equipment ready. They prep the rosters.  They copy the schedules. They plan the drills. They call the practices.

They get nervous. They get excited. They have big plans.

To make it fun. To learn the game. To practice. To play.

Kudos to the coaches.

Who show up.

Because they love the game.

Because they want to see kiddos love the game.

To see them learn. To see them grow. To see them succeed. To see them love the game.

As much as they do.

And whether they are playing in the dirt.

Or picking flowers. Or trying to catch the little blue butterflies.

They just want them to play.

Play. Just. Play.

Kudos to the Coaches.

Because today, I spent the day playing with my kiddos.

Softball practice from 10-noon today with the girl child. Then we stayed after for an hour to play some more. I have to admit I had so much fun shagging balls in the outfield.

Then a t-ball scrimmage game with the boy child at 2:30. Then we celebrated with a trip to the batting cage. Where I was just as anxious to get in there with a bat and a helmet as the young ones.

(Until the boy child got hit in the hand with a 40 mph “slow” softball pitch. The rest of the time was spent in the car holding ice on his fingers.   So…then there was a trip to Sweet Frogs. It had to be done. Come on, now, there was an actual injury.)

Kudos to the Coaches.

I’ve never volunteered to coach a t-ball or softball team.

But. This year. I am trying to show up. I am trying to be the Coach’s Assistant. The ‘Just Tell Me What You Want Me To Do” Assistant.

Because I am impressed. I am impressed and inspired by the ones who do volunteer. The ones who do sign up to coach.

And I want to support them.

So. I bring my glove to practice. I wear my tennis shoes. I let them know I’m available to help. I remind them that I am, by trade a teacher, so I know a little about crowd control. I know a little about herding cats, I mean 5 year olds.

So. I help line up the kiddos. I stand in the field and tell them where to stand. I say things like, “Pay attention. You are going to get bonked in the head.” Or. “Stop filling up your glove with dirt, you need to be able to catch the ball.”

So. I come over to the bench and help get the kiddos out of and into the batting helmets. I get a black sharpie marker out of my car and write their names in their hats. I remind the kiddos to stay on the bench and cheer on their teammates.

Because I want to help.

I want to support.

The ones who have volunteered.

Kudos to the Coaches.

For their time. For their energy. For their enthusiasm.

For the game.

Today. I saw two incredible examples of those coaches.

Coaches who are not getting paid the big bucks.

Coaches who are not getting a stipend for their time.

Coaches. Who just love the game. And want to see kiddos love the game as much as they do.

One. Who after striking out a young girl who was hitting left handed today, suggested that she try it again, right handed. Then we all watched that same girl hit the best double of her career. And a switch hitter was born.

And another. Who after the scrimmage of 5 year olds just learning the game, spent 5 minutes lining the kiddos up in a straight line with their right hands extended, explaining to them just how and why they walk past the other team to say, “Good Game”.

Well done, Coaches. Well Done.

My hat is off to you and all of those like you. Who volunteer. Who sign up. Who really show up.

To teach our kids how to play the game.

How to … play.

I will be here to help. Just tell me what you want me to do.


4 responses to “Coach. — Ode to the Recreation League.

  1. Jan says:

    Another awesome look at something we usually take for granted!

  2. Lead Our Lives says:

    Smiling and remembering…with a tear in my eye. Lovely. 😊

  3. I enjoyed this post very much and meant to comment earlier, but my work computer is fickle. I coach my son’s 4 year old tball team and would LOVE a teacher type to get the kids to get and more importantly stay where I want them! It’s like herding sheep out on a field!! Still, I love it. I love the kids, I love the game and I love that they’ve gotten better after just five practices already.

  4. […] I might have been tucking in kids or in a meeting or finishing up at work. Or maybe I was on the t-ball field this afternoon taking batting helmets on and off of 5 year olds, managing minor dugout chaos. […]

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