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Drive. — Make Sure You Have Your Sunglasses!

on April 26, 2013

Yesterday morning, our doorbell rang just after 7:00 a.m.  That’s usually not a good sign.

Felix met a young man in the doorway who informed us that he had just run over our mailbox. He said he would be back to replace it for us.


I give him a lot of credit for stopping and coming up to tell us what had happened.  It was early, before many were out and about. I suppose he could have kept driving and we would have never known who was responsible.

Felix said the same thing, commenting that when he was 16, he wasn’t so sure he would have come up to the door like that. So that says a ton about his character!  Well done, parents!

At any rate, the young driver said that the sun was in his eyes and he didn’t see the mailbox. I’ve been blinded by the sun before. I know it happens. It was an accident. And a great learning opportunity for him, too, I’m sure.

The Momma in me hopes he wasn’t distracted by texting or on his phone.

The Momma in me hopes he wasn’t driving too fast.

My friend over at LimitlessLessons just put her son behind the wheel for the first time by himself today and she wrote about it. She shared some scary and sobering statistics about young drivers that will make any self-respecting, kiddo-adoring Momma want to keep everyone at home. All the time. Forever.  (By the way, her son was NOT the one responsible for our new lawn ornaments!) Here’s her blog: Limitless Lessons: A New Driver. She describes beautifully, what every Momma with a 16 year old must feel like.

So. Be safe out there. Pay attention.  Look out for others.

And wear your sunglasses as needed.


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