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Visit. — Best. Day. Ever.

on April 25, 2013

He had on his new shoes. He selected his new camouflage shorts. He went with the good ol’ standby Superman shirt. He strapped on his Spider-Man back pack. Then he picked up his Avengers lunchbox.

She came bouncing into the bathroom this morning, quietly declaring her excitement. She told him the rules of the bus. She reminded him where he should sit. She told him to hurry so he wouldn’t make her late.

X was headed to his Kindergarten visit.


He walked with his big sister to the corner. He climbed the four steps of the yellow bus. He sat with his big sister’s friends.

She told him to keep his feet out of the aisles. She let him know what to do when they stopped. She walked him into the building to meet his teacher for the day.

X was on his own at Kindergarten.


I went to work. Felix went to work. We were dying to see him and know how it was going. I texted teacher friends and begged for pictures.

Then I saw. He was so fine. He was playing with toys and blocks. He was sitting with friends. He was with her Kindergarten teacher.

All was well. As it should be. As life goes. As Kiddos grow.

He is ready. He is looking forward. He wants to go back tomorrow. He doesn’t understand why he must now wait until September.

She  traded her recycling job day with a friend so she could see him today. She said he was sitting and talking with others. She loved having him there with her.


And this is how it goes.

I picked him up and took him with me to get my lunch. On a whim, I bought him an Iron Man bag to celebrate his big adventure.

He declared, as he jumped out of the car: “Best. Day. Ever!”

(I’m not entirely sure which he was most excited about…his Kindergarten visit or the Iron Man bag…but I’m going with Kindergarten.)

Because when you are a kid, it is just fun to grow up.


6 responses to “Visit. — Best. Day. Ever.

  1. 43fitness says:

    WOW big changes coming this next year…are YOU ready? 🙂

  2. Best day ever is quite a compliment from a little man. Nice work! Superman T and camo pants is something my 4 year old wears along with his spiderman bag. It always makes me smile.

  3. dishofdailylife says:

    I love that comment Best Day Ever. Sounds like he’s absolutely ready for a new adventure!! Thanks for linking up with us at LOBS!

    • MommyVerbs says:

      I love LOBS! I need to make sure I link up more often. I love connecting with so many amazing women writers that gather at this gathering! 🙂 Thanks for stopping by and reading!

  4. Amber says:

    Aw. My daughter was in Kindergarten last year. She loved it.

    • MommyVerbs says:

      That’s great! I’m glad she had a good first year!

      He seems to be looking forward to it, although he is so playing it cool. Because of big sister, he’s pretty comfortable at school. Maybe a little too comfortable! Ha!

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