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Ride. — 26.2 Done.

on April 24, 2013

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Tonight I accomplished something that I am pretty proud of.

I’ve written a few times about my running goals of … someday.

I’ve shared my thoughts about finish lines.

And while my marathon run is probably a bit far away for me….

Tonight, I rode a marathon.

Yep. Inspired by my good friend, Beth, I headed to the gym, back to the spinning/cycle class.

Eight years ago, this was a regular thing for us.

Every morning at 5 a.m. we would meet. One week she would drive. The next was my turn to drive.

We would head to the gym about 15 minutes away and hit the spin bikes. Every morning. And if we weren’t spinning, we were lifting or running.

But I loved the spin class. It’s a dark room full of bikes. Everyone comes in ready to work and work hard. The instructors lead us along the way. They motivate. They encourage. They make you recognize your accomplishments. There is whooping and “WhooHooing” and it feels like you are doing this as a team.  Thirty individuals on their own bikes, yet riding together on the same mission.

And then there is the music. Loud enough that I don’t hear myself breathing heavily.  And if the right song is playing, I can keep going forever on foot or on bike.

I can still remember after September 11, 2001, climbing to Bruce Springstein’s “The Rising” was such an emotional thing.  To this day, that song is on any playlist that I use for a run.  And usually, it is on repeat, because it keeps me going strong.

Tonight, I could hear that song in my head. And I’m pretty sure it wasn’t on Lewis’ playlist.

Tonight, we showed up to ride a marathon. 26.2 miles.

And together, we did it.  The class ended, but we kept spinning.

The class started cooling down and stretching, but we kept spinning.

People wiped down their bikes and picked up their things to leave, but we kept spinning.

Until, we crossed that finish line.

26.2 miles on the spin bikes in less than an hour.  (Well, 26.5 by the time I stopped my legs from spinning.)


Boston Strong.

(Thanks to Beth for the idea and inspiration.  And thanks to Blacksburg Health and Fitness at The Weight Club for being right where I left you.)


2 responses to “Ride. — 26.2 Done.

  1. Run. Yay well done you go girl! xxxxx (ps hope run is an action word??!!)

  2. Tom says:

    Awesome! That’s awesome and I look forward to doing a half marathon with you next year!

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