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Renew. — Thanks to Superheroes in my Shower.

on April 14, 2013

I suppose the superheroes who live in my house were picking up on my frustrations with the world over the past couple of days.  So, they assembled … and met me in the shower this morning.


Needless to say, I felt very safe and protected in the shower this morning.  Thanks for having my back, Avengers!  This made me laugh and somehow brought me a renewed hope in the world.

Yesterday, we ran. Felix and I together. (By the way, I am hearing from some of you that you don’t know who the heck this Felix is. Ha! Here’s the story:  MommyVerbs: Meet the Stars

We ran a 5K together in honor of the 32 who were senselessly and violently taken from this world while at Virginia Tech six years ago on Tuesday. Before the run, we silently walked the memorial, reading the names once again.

We watched the white, then maroon and orange balloons fly into the air, some making them past the trees, others nesting in the branches like holiday decorations. Then we ran.

It became very obvious to me, very quickly, that Felix has been running a bit more consistently than I have lately.

We ran across campus on the drillfield, down by the duck pond, up by the athletic buildings, through the tunnel, touched the Hokie Stone and ran through the stadium.

stadium run

We celebrated at the finish line and took the kiddos for a yummy brunch at a local bakery. Then it was a day full of softball practice and birthday parties and t-ball practice and play dates with neighbors. In between, we freshened up the yard with the first mowing of spring and new mulch in the beds. Inside, I cleaned out some drawers and checked the summer clothes of kiddos to see what will fit and what needs to be replaced. Cleaning up and clearing out is as cathartic as a good cry. The day ended with up with a yummy dinner of crab legs and shrimp and homemade bread sticks. Then popcorn and a silly movie on the couch together.

The day … after a day that shocked me and frustrated me and attempted to deplete my faith in humanity, turned into a day that started with superheroes in the shower and ended on the couch, cuddling with my family.

A day that included a run in remembrance and some refreshing activities of renewal.

And for that I am thankful.


One response to “Renew. — Thanks to Superheroes in my Shower.

  1. Little Guy LOVED your photo! Every time I fire up my computer, he’s there! I have no privacy… lol

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