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Snow. — When the Neighborhood Comes Out to Play….in !&$#@*% APRIL!!

on April 4, 2013

When the snow starts to fall in our neighborhood, the Momma in me can’t help but begin to mentally search for all of the snow gear. Snow gear that I had JUST packed away.

The boots.

The gloves.

The hats.

And as soon as we hear the familiar sound of the neighbor’s four-wheeler…it is … Game … On!

A race to get dressed and find the plastic disc sleds and be outside.

The best sledding hill in the neighborhood is just behind our house.

All of the kids meet at the top of the hill with squeals of excitement. The little ones trudging up in the deep snow behind the others, yelling their “Wait For Me”s!

And fortunately, for me and all of the Mommas around here, the Dads in the neighborhood are just really big kids in disguise.

snow2       snow 1

For the Dads are out with the kids right now. They are helping them clear a great sledding path. They are building ramps for them that are just right. (Usually having to make some adjustments after the little ones go flying high into the sky, flipping over before crashing head first into the snow. They know the Mommas won’t like a trip to the Emergency Room in the snow!) They are playing with their four-wheeler in the snow, I mean driving the four-wheeler to the bottom of the hill and dragging the kiddos back up to the top.

And I believe I speak for all of the Mommas in the neighborhood when I say, “Thanks. Thanks Dads! For going out and playing with the kiddos in the snow!” While we sit inside, in some quiet, watching from the windows, enjoying the squeals of delight from afar, by the fire, with a beverage.

For… it is APRIL 4th by the way.  April 4th!?!?  Us Mommas enjoy a good snow day just like the rest of ’em. But we had made our peace with the change of the seasons. We are ready for spring. We are ready for flip flops and playgrounds, and shuttling kiddos to softball and t-ball practices.

Instead, they are sledding.

This is a magical day of childhood.  Thanks to some very weird weather. For it will be 60 degrees by the weekend.

Enjoy it, Kiddos. Enjoy it!

(This Momma may stay inside until the outside matches the calendar.)


6 responses to “Snow. — When the Neighborhood Comes Out to Play….in !&$#@*% APRIL!!

  1. Lead Our Lives says:

    So over this snow! Glad you all are enjoying it in the ways that suit you best!

  2. What a joy to watch that last snow melt! I predict a great week-end in store for you..unless the puddles get to big! Great post, Momma!

    • MommyVerbs says:

      Thanks! The kiddos are inside now, enjoying the very last of the hot chocolate, rosy-cheeked and under blankets, complaining of frostbite on their bootys…Good. Times. 🙂

  3. Amy says:

    SNOW! Being a Florida girl that just looks so fun and so foreign to me. Your post makes me want to play!!

  4. Total mental checklist begins when it’s forecast!

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