Engaging Each Day with Action Words

Fool. — From Prayers to Practical Jokes

on April 1, 2013

Yesterday, there were–

sunrise services of reflection, celebrating resurrection;

shiny new shoes that pinch toes and dresses that are much too light and sleeveless for the still too cool weather;

baskets full of plastic pastel grass and chocolate bunnies full of sugar;

family dinners with deviled eggs;

or long car rides with (hopefully) napping children;

maybe March winds that were perfect for flying kites with friends;

Yesterday, we celebrated Easter on Sunday, March 31st.

Making today….April Fool’s Day.

That is just how the 2013 calendar rolls.

Seems a hard transition from prayers to practical jokes overnight.

But maybe not.

With April 1st, comes the promise of Spring.

The time to come out of hibernation and greet the neighbors once again.

Go for walks. Get out the ball and glove.

Wear short sleeves. Unpack the capri pants and flip flops.

Plan your garden. Plant some flowers.

Open the windows and let the breeze erase the Winter germs.

Sit on the porch with the ones you love and turn your face to the warmth of a later sunset.

Happy April 1st.

Enjoy the pranks and silliness of the day.

It is time to lighten up.


5 responses to “Fool. — From Prayers to Practical Jokes

  1. Lead Our Lives says:

    A great post to open the day that playfully opens the month! Feeling the smile within now expressed on my face! Lighten up, indeed!

  2. sanstorm says:

    I managed not to mention the date to my nine-year old and he forgot! Lucky escape from all kinds of HILarious pranks no doubt!

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