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Break. — Planning a little European Family Vacation.

on March 28, 2013

When we arrive in England, it will be a time to get our bearings about us. It will have been a long journey by that point and I’m sure there will be some things to take care of. People may need a quick snack and a chance to freshen up. We really won’t be staying there for long. I imagine that there will be temptations that slow us down, but the goal will be to keep moving.

For there are adventures awaiting in Scotland that the girl-child is pretty excited about. She has set this place as a priority and she has her reasons.

We plan to take the train to Italy. It seems like an incredible distance to travel, however, there is so much to see along the way, that the time goes by rather quickly. While in Italy, we plan to marvel at the inventions of DaVinci, taking in his genius and creativity. We will also spend some time appreciating the works of Roman mythology, learning more about the tales of Apollo and hoping that he will bring out the Sun during our visit here.

If all goes according to plan, we will schedule another train trip, with the destination being France. We may linger here so Felix and I can appreciate the opportunity to do some climbing to enjoy some breathtaking views that exist in this region.

From there, it will be time to visit Germany, where we will take in the countryside and enjoy some German theater and traditional foods. We expect it to be a wonderful place full of history with a slightly dark past. Y will enjoy the opportunities to practice her German and she has a castle in mind that she would like to see. X will enjoy controlling his destiny, as the driving requirements are a bit more lax in this country.

If there is time and energy left, we may also take in the wildlife of Ireland, but that is yet to be determined. It is so hard to plan out the details of these trips, that we have to leave some room for flexibility.

The hardest part is always planning for the varying weather and temperatures on our travels. I find that I need to be over-prepared in order to ensure everyone has a good time on these family adventures.

Then, just as we began, we will plan to depart again from England. It is just the easiest way–to arrive and depart from the same place and brings some closure to the journey.

What a wonderful family adventure it will be. There will be the thrills of travel, the excitement of new sights and sounds and the chance to enjoy it all together.

But my favorite part is this:

the excessive hand-holding, as we move through this world, …. otherwise known as Busch Gardens …. together. 🙂


holding hands


6 responses to “Break. — Planning a little European Family Vacation.

  1. Lead Our Lives says:

    Looking forward to the stories which will come from from this great adventure. Enjoy holding hearts as you hold hands. Lovely! Have fun!

    • MommyVerbs says:

      Thanks…we always have fun … at Busch Gardens! 🙂 I went back and edited the post and added a map of the amusement park. No need to renew passports…just yet. 🙂

  2. Jan Francis says:


  3. sanstorm says:

    I’m Scottish and feel a bit nosy… what’s your top Scottish plan? 🙂
    Hope the weather picks up before you arrive!!

    • MommyVerbs says:

      Thanks for stopping by and commenting. Unfortunately, we are not really going to Europe…at least anytime soon. I was attempting to describe our upcoming visit to Busch Gardens in a clever way. I suppose if folks don’t know about Busch Gardens, then that wouldn’t be obvious. 🙂 We love to explore ‘the old country’ as a family…so much fun to ride rollercoasters like the Loch Ness Monster and X now gets to drive the big bumper cars, etc. If we ever do get to go to Scotland, I’ll check with you for the best places (and times) to visit! Thanks again!

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