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Shush. — My hair dryer is trying to tell me something.

on March 25, 2013

Yesterday, during my weekend of  “All Things Kids”, I managed to sneak away to have a moment to myself…. yes… in the bathroom, the only place there was quiet.  I was followed by the pounding footsteps of the girl child on the stairs. My eyes quickly darted to the doorknob to see if I had taken care to turn the little latch, then prepared myself for the inevitable, as the door was indeed unlocked.


For a second, I tried to convince myself that if I just sat here silently, she wouldn’t find me. But the door flew open with typical Y flair.

“Can you please give me some privacy?! That is why the door is shut, honey.” I pleaded.

But the girl child was obviously on a mission. “Oh, Sorry,” she said as if closed doors were a new phenomenon in her seven years of existence. I’ll give her plenty of credit though—she’s savvy enough to know that if she honors my request, it will improve her chances of getting whatever it was she was here seeking. So she proceeded to stand there in the doorway, adjusting her approach by covering her eyes with her hands before continuing to ask, “Can I please ask K and K to come over to play in the snow?!”

I smiled, nodded my head in defeat, knowing that the fastest way to get her to move along was to reply with a heavy sigh and a “Sure. Now shut the door, please.”

Has this ever happened to anyone else…or am I the only one?  I’m pretty sure I am not. And there is a new book out from some of my favorite bloggers…the ones I want to be like when I grow up…but can’t now because I’m always too concerned about what others will think if I reveal too much randomness…  just yet…I am still growing into my Mom Blogging chops. You have to check them out, and tell them MommyVerbs sent you…maybe I can get invited to their club someday and learn the secret handshake. I’d be a great wallflower at one of their par-tays!

Check it out:    I Just Want to Pee Alone.  

Isn’t that what we all really want sometimes? Some space. Some peace. Some privacy. Some alone. Some …. Shuuushhh. Picture me with one finger up to my lips….making that shuuuussshhhing sound.  

Locked doors or not, as a Mom, you know that the bathroom can be a magical place. Full of the potential for this privacy and a little solitude and if you are lucky, a little shhhhhhsssssuuusssh… At least for a few fleeting moments.

I have to admit, some of my best ideas come from the 10 minutes when I am in the shhuuusshing shower each morning.  When I was teaching, I often re-wrote my lesson plans in the shower, coming up with a new creative way of presenting the content.  Now, I plan out my day or I think of blog posts and book ideas while washing my hair. I also spend a lot of time writing scripts for conversations that I want/need to have with people that fall into my “in conflict with” file folder.

So I thought the shower was the last place on Earth, where I can do what needs to be done, be responsible only for me and have a couple of minutes to think.  Of course, Y even interrupted me this morning to tell me about something she saw on TV, so sometimes that time and space isn’t all that sacred.


But lately, I have been experiencing a different kind of muse. There is a different force afoot in the bathroom that creates another ‘shhhhuuuussshhhhing” opportunity. I can’t explain it, and you are welcome on this one to judge and call crazy as you see it… but I think my 10-year-old hair dryer may be a bit magical.  🙂

For the past week or so, I swear I keep hearing random songs while I blow dry my hair in the morning.  I know, right?!  Now, I’ll admit to being a little sleepy and maybe a little distracted, but I can’t for the life of me recall where I would have heard some of these songs recently. By the time I am finished drying  my hair, which doesn’t take more than a couple of minutes, I discover that I am singing/humming a random song.  Sometimes I’m paying attention, sometimes not. But here is the playlist that I can remember so far:

First, it was “Passionate Kisses” by Mary Chapin Carpenter.

Next up, “We Built This City” by Starship.

Then it was “Solid as a Rock” by Ashford and Simpson.

This morning, a little Fab Four throwback and it came up with “All My Lovin”

It is getting to the point that I’m looking forward to those couple of minutes where I can literally sssssshhhhussssssssshhhh out the rest of the world and only hear the roar of the hair dryer. And …. whatever track it decided to lay down that morning. My own personal D.J. Salon Series 1600. 🙂

What it means, I have no idea. But my plan is to just keep listening to the sssshhhhhuuuuussshhhhhes.

And see what ideas come ….. and what happens next.


10 responses to “Shush. — My hair dryer is trying to tell me something.

  1. Lead Our Lives says:

    Divine inspiration/messages in those songs. And only you will know what they are. Your blow dryer totally rocks the messages!!

    • MommyVerbs says:

      I just love how you appreciate the little things and make them so much more meaningful just with your magic touch.

      • Lead Our Lives says:

        Thank you. It is the way I see and experience my life in the world today. It was a fairly long slog through some pretty choppy waters before I opened my eyes to see the beauty of all things and the gifts of many messages to guide us. I love your stories! 😊

  2. Alone time in the bathroom is indeed magical…unless your back goes out and you’re trapped in the bathtub and the water is getting really cold. Been there, done that…

  3. I thought once I became an empty nester; I could lanquish for hours in the bathroom and find my inner peace. Enter the man who must have a conversation while you are on the pot. Sigh…

    • MommyVerbs says:

      Hi CrankyCaregiver–Thanks for stopping by! ….. It’s always something, isn’t it?! At least it is semi-OK in your own home. My favorite is when friends/colleagues at work want to have a conversation while we are in the bathroom in different stalls. Come on now, let’s hit the pause button for a few minutes, shall we?!

  4. […] MommyVerbs wrote about the joy of time alone when there are kiddies in the house, even if it means seeking sanctuary in the bathroom. I had to agree with all that she said, with one exception…and this is why I no longer take […]

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