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Time. — MommyVerbs Needs a Few Minutes.

on March 24, 2013

Yes. MommyVerbs needs some time.

It has been a very busy weekend full of kid-ertaining.

Which I don’t mind really. 🙂 I have dreams of being the ‘cool Mom’…the place all the kiddos want to come and hang out.

Although, after they discover that I don’t have any sugar-y fun stuff around here, I’ll have to continue to charm them and win them over with my talents for snarky comments and fun games.

I did have some S.I.S. time on Friday evening to properly commence with the weekend. Saturday morning started with an early Easter play practice at church, then 2 kiddos plus one friend for lunch before taking all three to a birthday party. Then, we left the party with a different plus one who stayed until after dinner.  The in-between time included a pretty extensive fashion show, using dresses and shoes from my closet. They promised that I would find everything just where I left it and my closet would look the same as it did before….but I think they have a different idea of what ‘the same’ means. At any rate, the fashion show was kind of awesome and the two girlies put together some pretty cool outfits.  A couple of dresses I had forgotten about. Matched with some jewelry and accessories that I never make time to actually put together. They were all kinds of cute and adorable and made me long for summer when I can wear these ensembles again.

There was a moment when Y came down in a shirt, that she was wearing as a dress with a pair of my high heeled boots. It forced the conversation with Felix about this same kind of situation, but imagine Y as a 16 year old. I decided we needed a code word for “get yourself back upstairs and change your clothes.” He said we would talk about that later. Later is going to be here before we both know it.

Then this morning, Felix was just a smidgeon under the weather, so he got a much deserved pass to rest. I’m cool with that because he picks up a lot of the kid-slack during the week. It started with going to church for the play, and I had to drive the kiddos in sleet and snow to get them ready. The play was cute and Y delivered her one line with gusto!  She was super convincing as the servant girl who accuses Peter and his first betrayal ensues.  I believed, I did.

Then it was home for lunch and cleaning up and before I knew it, I was here with the kiddos and…  plus three for a neighborhood snow day party.

Yes. It is the fourth day of SPRING and we have four inches of snow on the ground. That is just wrong … on every level, WRONG.

And all was well, except there was a time when I thought I would need to stop everything and order myself an eye patch because I was about to poke my eye out … that was when the boy child was having some issues with his snow gear. The snow pants were too tight and he needed to take his jeans off and the shoes were wrong and his sock felt funny and now the sleeve is too tight and, “get it off, get it off! My arm can’t breathe” was heard throughout the house.

Finally, I convinced him that if he would just let me get him dressed so fast and he could get outside and all will be well. I sang my best version of intense scenes background music and sent him outside as fast as I could. I started to sit down on the couch and took a deep breath only to see the girl child running toward the door, with one boot on, carrying the other one while she runs in her bare foot. Really?!

So, you know how this goes now…the kiddos were outside sledding for about 20 minutes before they were all at the sliding glass door begging to come in because they were cold and needed hot chocolate.  I don’t do Swiss Miss anymore because of the added sugar and fake ingredients.  But I made them each an organic chocolate, no sugar added, hot cocoa and set it all before them.  They drank it, but openly commented that it wasn’t really sweet. No, but it is really, real, so drink up!

Then it was back outside for more snowplay and snowman-making, and by this point X and I had the whole “how to put him in his snow gear successfully” all worked out, so it only took 10 minutes this time.

My job then was just to monitor them out the window, raising or sliding windows open to say things like, “Don’t push your brother down the slide” and “Get out of her way, she is going to run you over” and “No, I’m not coming out there to carry the sled back up the hill for you…you rode it down, you carry it back up the hill.”

Fun was had by all! 🙂

When the plus three went home, it was dinner and bath times and brushed teeth and tuck ins.


So, now…I’m taking a few minutes. And if there happens to be a glass of wine beside me while I wine wind down the weekend, … don’t judge.

Personally, I think I’ve earned a little me time this weekend. 🙂


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