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Connect. — The Day of No Readers….

on March 20, 2013

no readers

Hi. My name is MommyVerbs. And I’m in love with my WordPress Stats page.

It is true. On this blog, I piece words together. I’m a word puzzler. I like to tell a story or spend time reflecting on the random. And I feel the need to write about it, whatever it is. I try to find the perfect verb to represent it. I read over it carefully. I think hard about how it might be understood or maybe even, misunderstood. I consider my audience. I hold my breath and click….Publish. 107 times, I’ve clicked…Publish.

Then. I wait for the magic to happen. People on the other end of the internet actually start to read these words. They may get an email, or see a link on the facebook page, or maybe they just stumble upon it through a search on their Reader. Sometimes they comment, sometimes they click like. Some just read and move on. But for the lack of any other feedback, I can at least see how many have read the words, how many connections have been made. At least for a moment.

Sure, Facebook will show me how many people are reached with each post. But I don’t know if that means the post showed up in their newsfeed or if they actually read any of these word strings. I think I could explore it more, but … why would I? I have my WordPress Stats Page.

And my WordPress Stats Page tells me so. much. more. I check my WordPress icon on my phone often.  Just to see…. How many visitors? How many views? What posts are popular today? What search terms have sent folks my way?  What is getting the ‘clicks’ today?

I can’t see names, just numbers. But the numbers are intriguing to me and I end up making up my own stories.

Case in point…(or is it point in case?…Doesn’t matter….)  Earlier in the week, it seemed that there was just one person out there at the other end of the internet who was looking at a lot of older, randomly selected posts.  There was only one visitor, but 16 views of different topics.  Which always makes me wonder…who is reading so many random writings and why did they choose those particular ones to read? OOOOOhhhhhh…. I did apply to be a guest blogger for a website I follow…Could it be the person that is looking to hire for that position? Could it be?!?!

But it is probably my Mom. 🙂

Now, many of  you may look at these numbers, and find them unremarkable. The little blue lines don’t go up very far and if they do, they don’t stay there for long. It kind of looks like those lights on a mixing board, measuring the different volumes of bass and tenor. If you squint your eyes, you might see some movement.

And some of the seasoned blogger buddies that I adore might have just giggled and called MommyVerbs a non-freshly pressed, baby blog. “Awww….Look how sweet….her best day ever had 119 views! That’s so cute!”  It’s ok. I think it’s cute, too. I’m a little proud of every post, every view, every one who took the time to stop by and comment or click like.  There are just so many of you ah.may.zing WordPress bloggers, I’m still fairly new around here…just coming up in the WordPress World. I’m excited to see MommyVerbs grow up, too.


But yesterday, Yesterday was different. Yesterday, there were no readers of MommyVerbs. Zero. Nada. No one came out to play. No one knocked on the door. The phone didn’t ring. No letters in the box. It was quiet and still.

Ironically, a page that is all about engaging in the action words of life everyday, saw no action at all.

I find that just as interesting as the day of 119 views…less exciting…but still interesting.

My hope is that everyone was busy, outside maybe, actively soaking up the sunshine and any little hints of spring.

(But I also have my fingers crossed that some of you will come back to visit again soon!)


12 responses to “Connect. — The Day of No Readers….

  1. Fix It Felix says:

    I think this is a great blog. It was the first thing I read this morning… Because I’m a fixing, I’ll add this: Maybe you have to post the links or syndicate to more sites? If each link generates 50 readers, expanding links will expand readers? Ask you blogging friends about how they syndicate?

    • MommyVerbs says:

      Oh, Fix It. You make me swoon! Your fixitness is ah.may.zing. But ‘syndicate’ is one of those words that make me twitch a little. Like insurance. And taxes. 🙂 love you!

  2. Jan Francis says:

    Hi! It’s your mom stopping by to read your latest blog! 🙂

  3. Lori says:

    Someday soon (hopefully very soon, but probably not THAT soon) I’m going to join you in the blogging world. I already blog for work, but soon, I plan to blog for me. Because I want to. Because I love words too. Then, we can share our articles and watch the numbers climb! I’ll keep you posted … and may have questions about Word Press. Elle Bee Lovely will be launching soon 🙂

    • MommyVerbs says:

      Elle Bee Lovely. That is all sorts of brilliant and too cute. I have followed your workblog and I’m already excited, anticipating your new collection of wordstrings! It is a mah-ve-lous way to capture your thoughts and ideas. Maybe we can go on the book tour together?!

      You know I adore you, right?! ❤

  4. rarasaur says:

    I have a cold, otherwise you would have had at least one! Haha! I’m still having trouble being at the computer longer than a few minutes at a time! I love your stats page! They look healthy and blossoming! There’s no such thing as a baby blog– can you imagine if your readers were real people in a room listening to you? 119 is a big venue. 20 and 40 people would extend a house party into a “house and yard” party… it’s awesome! You are awesome. 🙂

    Oh, and at least one of those days with weird random old posts… that was me. Next time I’ll leave a trail of likes in my wake, haha! 😀

    • MommyVerbs says:

      Rarasaur–whenever I see that I have a comment from you, I mentally prepare for the message of AWESOME that I am about to receive. I love the way that you just made me feel like my readers were all sitting in a room with me, sharing some healthy snacks, having a conversation. OR…maybe it might even feel a little like a book tour. Oh, the dreaming.:-)

      And just the thoughts of you skipping around in some of random ol’ verbiage, just makes me smile. As for leaving a trail, that sounds fun! You can even use bread crumbs if you want, don’t worry about the mess, we don’t bother with sweeping up around here! OR…maybe I can make a scavenger hunt through the action words! Wanna Play!? 🙂

      • rarasaur says:

        A bloggy living room today, a book tour tomorrow– it’s just a matter of time! 🙂 Yay, I’m always down for a scavenger hunt! 😀

      • MommyVerbs says:

        I knew you would play. Stay tuned. (But do go live your life and such, who knows how long this will take me…I’ll let you know when it is ready!) Feel better and better!

  5. Agree. My Hubby thinks I’ve obsessive, just because I like to check out my stats once a day. He pedantically explains stats – their purpose, how to read them, etc. and (sorry dearest), I don’t care! I’m like you – “only 6 today?” …or “Cool! Someone from South Africa stopped by”… My best day has been 72 views, and it was a photo of my kid with an Angry Bird Pig head…I could infer all kinds of horrible things about my writing since my “best post” had few words…or the fact that the one post on chocolate bunny psychology or the one about urinals keeps popping up (what are people in to?)…Like you, I focus on the joy of writing, and if I make someone comment or smile…if I see that little orange star at the top…I get excited! Love your posts!

  6. i find the trouble is it’s so time consuming this blogging malarky! so I try to keep up and then I will have a week or so where i just can’t. They reckon you have to blog every day and keep commenting etc but I just don’t always have time to do that! x

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