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Heat. — Happiness is a warm … towel.

on March 17, 2013


I was in the bathroom one morning, getting ready for work when I hear that familiar sound: ‘Tweet-Tweeet”  The same sound that prompted X to share his concern over the fact that he thought there was a bird in the car not so long ago. No bird….just means I have a new text message.

I checked my phone. It was from Felix, who was still in bed, about 15 feet from me.

The text read: “Can you please go ahead and put my towel in the towel warmer?”

I wrote back: “Yes, but I’m pretty sure I’ll make fun of you in my blog later.”  So. If nothing else, I’m true to my word.

Over the years, I’ve hit a few homeruns when it comes to birthday presents and this one set the bar. A towel warmer.

Yep. A towel warmer. A few years ago, I got Felix a towel warmer for his birthday. It is all kinds of awesome. Imagine this: before you get into the shower, put your towel into the warmer. Push the button and when you get out of the shower, you can have a nice warm towel to wrap up in.  Heaven. (And apparently, it works for jammies, too! )

Or if you are Felix…one push of the button isn’t enough. Often there is this request heard from the shower: “Can someone push the button again?!”  🙂

It’s true. You know if you had the option, you’d do it, too! It is the same reason why we are all so looking forward to Spring finally arriving. We got a tease this weekend, but now we are going to be thrust into another cold, dreary, damp week.

Warm. Warmth. It’s a good thing. We want to be warm. We want warm weather. We want warm days at the beach. We want our hearts warmed…by words, by actions, by events … warmed with happiness.

“I’d really prefer to be shivery cold instead of warm,” said no one ever.

I followed up the towel warmer with another gift of awesome: a bed warmer…with dual controls. Yep, with the push of another button, you can have your bed warmed up before you climb under the covers. No more harsh reality of cold sheets at the end of a day.

Which is probably why someone invented baby wipe warmers. Imagine…you are a baby.  It is the middle of the night, you need a new diaper. Which do you prefer? A cold wet wipe? Or a warm one? The choice is obvious, but my friends and I share a theory about baby wipe warmers. (Teachers, of course.) We have a theory that babies who never knew that harsh reality of cold wipes in the middle of the night, are not fully prepared to know the realities of life.  They have been pampered in more ways than one and grow up to be the 5th graders who made us crazy some days.

But maybe not. Maybe a warm wipe or a warm towel or warm sheets or warm pair of jammie pants doesn’t make us vulnerable to the harsh cold realities of the world. Maybe it makes the harsh realities of life just a little bit more okay. Everyday.

And maybe that is why I always keep the seat heater in my car on HIGH.

All of the time.


4 responses to “Heat. — Happiness is a warm … towel.

  1. Lead Our Lives says:

    Love-ly and…warm. Going to check out that towel warmer!

  2. Shocked. How have I not heard of these cozy devices before? Forget writing a blog for tomorrow I have some shopping to do!!

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