Engaging Each Day with Action Words

Visit. — The Magical Land of Yes.

on March 14, 2013

There’s a place that I know, not so far away,

Where X and Y like to visit and stay.

They both know the way, though not the address,

To this little white house, called, “The Land of Yes.”


There’s a little rock path, friendly flowers by the way,

Then climb a few steps that were once painted grey.

They can’t hide their smiles as the doorbell they press

As they know what awaits them here in “The Land of Yes.”


The blue door is open, a dog there to greet,

Then comes the best Nana that you ever could meet.

She scoops them both up and she knows she is blessed

As she plans out their day in the “The Land of Yes.”


Y takes it all in and quickly spies some fun treats

She shares these with X, but he just can’t be neat.

Soon there are crumbs, spilled milk, just a mess,

But that stuff doesn’t matter– It’s “The Land of Yes.”


Then it’s outside they go, to explore in the yard

Or maybe a walk to the playground, not far.

“Hey Nana, Can I…?” shout these cute little guests,

The answer is clear in “The Land of Yes.”


There are giggles and wiggles and cuddles galore.

The noise in the house is no less than a roar!

Then it is into the bathtub with little protest

Nana knows it’s time for some calm in “The Land of Yes.”


Still, there are bubbles and puddles on the journey to clean.

And Nana wraps them up in her striped towels of green.

There are hugs, many kisses and more silliness.

Then it’s time for good nights in “The Land of Yes.”


Nana finds the lost baby doll; tucks the blankets in tight.

They each say their prayers and on goes the night light.

With one more “Sweet Dreams” X and Y do confess

How much they love their best Nana and her great “Land of Yes!”


the land of yes


One response to “Visit. — The Magical Land of Yes.

  1. Jan says:

    I love this one! 🙂

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