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Flip. — Morning Pages and where they take me…so early…in the morning…

on March 11, 2013

Morning Pages, (from Julia Cameron‘s The Artist’s Way) in its simplest form looks like this: Get up early. Sit still. Write three pages, longhand, before you do anything else. Before coffee. Before showers. Before kiddos and the dog wake up. First.

That’s it. You don’t have to do anything else. Just write three pages. There are no rules to the writing. There are no word count requirements. Just write what you are thinking. The things you wake up thinking about. I describe this as stream of consciousness writing. At least that is what Mr. Sauter called it in English 11, in 19…what for it…88.

And I love this kind of writing. It is my favorite. I find its randomness rewarding and refreshing. Maybe it is because it is above judgement. Kind of like brainstorming. Anything goes. Form. Function. Even Handwriting.

Just write what you are thinking. (pause)  And then again, it is harder than it seems. Because Morning Pages are supposed to reveal things. Bring clarity of sorts. Clear out the clutter-y to do lists and help you get to the patterns and the substance. Sometimes, I set intentions. Sometimes I am reflective about the kiddos and life. Sometimes I just complain on them. Not really complain, maybe more of a whine.

So this morning, I was complaining (whining) about being tired and how busy the weekend was and how I hate giving up that hour for Daylight Savings Time, but how I’ll enjoy it later in the evenings in a few months and how I didn’t get my house picked up and how the laundry isn’t done and how I’m not ready for the week to start and how I just crave time and how I hate morning pages because they are dumb and how I wish I were still asleep instead of here writing.

And then those stupid morning pages did it. Because I got tired of hearing myself think and wrote the words: Just flip it.

Now I swear, I have the inkling of a movie or tv show in my head where the characters are talking about flipping a situation and looking at it differently and trust me, I’ve researched it, but I’m not waiting to figure it out, so if you can help a Momma out, leave it in the comments, because I can’t for the life of me remember where I saw this. But…

Yes. Flip the situation. See abundance, not clutter. See life, not noise. See rest, not lazy. See opportunity, not work. I know I should be doing that so I stopped the complaining.

I Flipped it. And then I started googling, looking for that movie or T.V. scene that I can’t think of but I did find that someone is making their living off of this idea to which I say: “Well Done, You!” And you can pay $497 to go to their workshop and learn more about how to:

“Feel. Listen. Intervene. Promote the Positive.” Nice. Just F.L.I.P. it!

Which made me think of all of the uses of the word flip and then about how we flip a coin with X and Y to see who takes the first bath or shower at night and and how I love that scene in the movie “Lucas”, circa 1986, that probably 3 people still know what I am talking about starring a very young Corey Haim, which made me sad, and a very young Winona Ryder. One of my favorite scenes is where a very young Charlie Sheen, is sitting on the hood of a car with a very young Kerri Green, whom you will know from Goonies, too, (which by the way stars a long list of very young actors including the other Corey and the ever lovely Josh Brolin, too)…because they ditched the school dance and I think that the pink dress she was wearing was really what inspired my choice for my Junior year prom dress. But Charlie is telling a story about how he flipped a coin to decide where to go one night…tails turn left, heads turn right and how he ended up at a bowling alley. Random, I know, but there is teenage giggling and a sweet first kiss scene, so it is forever stuck in my head and now, apparently in my blog, so it must have made an impression.

So the challenge today is to just flip it. When things are frustrating. Pause and flip the situation. Find the good. Find the opposite of your frustration and go there. Even if it is only in your head. Just Flip It.

Help others do the same. When the kiddos are irritated and they don’t wan to get up because it IS still dark outside now, help them flip it and appreciate that we will all be out riding our bikes later in the evenings and there will now be more time to play with our friends when all of our neighbors come out of hibernation again.

Find the good. Just flip it.

Flip a coin. Flip your perspective. Wear your flip flops. Flip on the light switch but don’t flip out and flip someone off. Just sayin’. And the obligatory, “I’ll see you on the flip side.”


flip coins


See, sometimes I get mad at the morning pages and call them dumb.

And sometimes, I just want Morning Pages to bring an idea.

Here’s what I got today.


4 responses to “Flip. — Morning Pages and where they take me…so early…in the morning…

  1. Lead Our Lives says:

    Great post! I too, find morning pages to be a powerful way to create. Sometimes just pouring out the mundane makes room for the sublime.

  2. MommyVerbs says:

    Well…I have you to thank for turning me on to this book. And amazingly, the book crossed my path again about 2 weeks ago and I was able to hear an online lecture by Julia Cameron…who is hysterical. I was in love with her and the whole idea. I’ve been doing morning pages for about 2 weeks now…I’m hooked. Thanks friend!

  3. smirkpretty says:

    It’s the practice as much as the product. So many of my friends, some of whom are published authors, marvel at my writing productivity. I credit many years of morning pages to that habit of writing, anytime, anywhere. So, if I have 10 minutes waiting at the dentist’s office, I write. 20 minutes on the metro, I write. It’s amazing what happens when you move beyond the morning and fit the practice into the spaces between.

  4. […] I said the ugly things that I have been thinking. She listened. Then she said magical words that flipped all of the ugly, into something that made sense. Because that is what my friends do for […]

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