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Crown. — Thank You. I’m sorry. You’re Welcome. A few notes about Kid Birthday Parties.

on February 23, 2013

This afternoon at X’s 5th birthday party, in the middle of the chaos that is Chuck E. Cheese, I jokingly told one of the Mommas that I would write the Thank you and Apology notes at the same time to save some on the note cards.

“Thank you so much for coming. And I’m so sorry for the headache you went home with.”

I’m just kidding, ya’ll.  You know that this is X’s do-over party from last year.  If you don’t…you need to check it out here:

Disappoint. Gimme a Ticket Machine! 

Seriously, it was a fun time. Birthdays are pretty awesome and should be done up right. Ya’ll know that I’m a fan of a birthday and my kiddos are, too. What I’m about to share here might make me sound like a Birthday Scrooge, but you have to believe I’m not. There are just a few Kid Birthday Party rituals, however, that I think I could do without.

One of these is the “circle around and watch my kid open up presents thing.” That little activity raises my anxiety level to the nth degree for many reasons. Trying to keep up with who got what is absolutely impossible. I put Felix in charge of that today, but in the middle of the song and dance of large robot rats (aka Chuck), the flying tissue paper, the friends who are helping pull out presents and then finally finding the card at the bottom of the bag, now the last thing to be opened…who knows what came from which kiddo. Looks like I will be writing the infamous generic Thank You notes again this year…

“Thanks so much for coming to my party. I loved the gift. You are such a good friend! Love, X.”

Then, I’m always so aware, making sure that X (and Y) give proper appreciation for each gift. “Did you tell him ‘Thank You?!” Yes, you already have that puzzle, but you don’t yell out, “I’ve already got one of these!” You just say Thank you and tell them how much you like it and we will talk about it later. I feel like I need to be right there, thanking each little person and letting them know how much X likes it. And we know how it is. X and Y love to buy gifts for their friends for their parties. They are really truly interested to see if their friend really likes the gift they brought. It goes both ways and I just want to make sure that everyone leaves thinking they brought the best gift ever, no matter what. So, you see why the anxiety, yes?

Which brings me to the pile of loot that this kid racked up this afternoon. Oh my goodness. I’m uber impressed with and humbled by the thoughtful presents X got … they know him well…everything had a superhero on it. He’s kind of stoked about it all, which is fun for a 5 year old. (I do feel like I need to up my ante on presents around this crew from now on.)

For a 40 year old Momma, it is about the new clutter and flurry of stuff. Which is now on top of the mess not cleaned up yet from the ‘make the cupcakes from scratch’ episode this morning, also on top of a busy week in which I was out late 3 of the 5 nights.

Disclaimer: Please don’t take this the wrong way. X is super excited about the gifts. We are so appreciative of your thoughtful generosity and more importantly, your friendship. Please know this is totally my neuroses talking here. I’ve been fighting a ‘close encounters of the clutter’ attack since we carried all of those gift bags into the house. But I will be fine…. It will all be fine. (and repeat.)

Then there has been this whole phenomenon lately of party goody bags. I stopped participating in that a long time ago. Instead I try to find a single, solitary item that can go home with each child, instead of a plastic bag full of tiny little items that you will inevitably step on, barefooted on your way to the bathroom in the middle of the night. That one is for you, parents. You can thank me later. We went to a birthday party on a cold night in January and the ‘goody bag’ included a hat and pair of gloves for each child. I have one word for that: BRILLIANT. I loved that idea and wished I had thought of it. This afternoon, the kiddos went home with an Avengers cup. Which I have to say seemed to come in handy as the grown ups were filling up their cups with a drink for the ride home. You are welcome for the cup and the injury-free footsies you will have tonight.

Then, there is the after party behavior which may or may not be an issue. Hopefully, the homemade from scratch cupcakes were so low in sugar that your kiddos weren’t all crazy-like.  In our mini-van on the way home, the boy-child was wearing his coveted crown and calling himself the King. It was cute for a while until it wasn’t. I think the tipping point was when he said, “Since I’m the King, I don’t have to use my manners.” That’s when I gave him the look and told him he was about to be dethroned.

What does dethroned mean? You will find out soon enough if you keep it up, child. 🙂

I do hope that the parents enjoyed the best gift I could offer. Since the closest Chuck E. Cheese is a good 45 minute drive for all of us…I sincerely hope that your little person fell asleep and you enjoyed a quiet ride home. I had my fingers crossed for you anyway.

If it happened in your car… You are welcome.  If it didn’t, … I’m sorry.

Either way… Really. Thanks for coming.  It was a party X will not soon forget!

He is still wearing his crown!

P.S. He did get in the ticket machine this time, but did it while no one was looking…the reality of it made him super nervous after all.


4 responses to “Crown. — Thank You. I’m sorry. You’re Welcome. A few notes about Kid Birthday Parties.

  1. Jan says:

    I loved every minute of the big day!!!! 🙂

  2. 43fitness says:

    I’d say you handled it rather well. I’ve never had the gumption to Chuck at the Cheese, but I don’t feel so scared now. Congrats on a party well done!

    • MommyVerbs says:

      Chuck at the Cheese. That is awesome. There is one MommyVerbs rule that I forgot to mention. Under no circumstance are X and Y allowed to crawl up into any tubes or climbing things. I put my foot down on that one after X’s experience 2 years ago which I think I wrote about before. But here is why: Those are gross and I’m sure never cleaned and I can’t find them when they are in there so I get nervous and apparently I can project my claustrophobic tendencies onto them. Ha! … Skeeball is always fun though. 🙂

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