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Star. — Meet the Characters of MommyVerbs

on February 12, 2013


    If you need to feel like a movie star, I highly recommend you check this out to see your name in lights:

You’ve met them along the way, however, I thought it was time to officially introduce you to the cast and characters starring in the show that is MommyVerbs. So…


fix it felixFirst up is T. Otherwise known as the best friend/partner/hubby. His name says it all there. That is who he is to me. He plays all of those roles in my life and to leave one of them out is to ignore so much of what he does and who he is, so I kept them all.  However, you should know that he has a new nickname, “Fix It Felix“, for his uncanny mad skills at both literally fixing broken, not working things, but also his innate want and need to figuratively fix all things broken or not working. He offers fabulous advice and has great problem solving solutions for almost any situation. 🙂 Sometimes wanted, sometimes not. 🙂   I have to say, I lucked out with this one.  He’s pretty ah.may.zing.    superman

One more talent not included in his title above is: SuperDad. Seriously. He should be the posterchild for the whole fatherhood involvement campaign. He’s kind of awesome with the kids and is the. most. intentional. Dad. I have ever met. Yes, there is wrestling and game playing, but he is also just so patient and good with them both. I love to watch him at work as a Dad. He is a superhero.

Next. Let me tell you a little bit about Y. She’s cool. She might be my Mini-Me with a little extra flair thrown in for good measure, just to keep it interesting.  Since Day One, she has been a sleep fighter, I always believed it was because she was afraid she would miss out on something. She comes by that honestly.  She’s a fashionista, but not in a girly, ribbons in her hair kind of way, but in a more, she has opinions about clothes and what looks good and what doesn’t way. She can hang with the boys and they like to have her around because she isn’t afraid to get dirty and play rough. Good thing, too, because she is the ONLY girl in our little group of friends…so, she is often the “mini-momma” at the kids’ table when we head out for dinner together.  She doesn’t care to clean. anything. at all. As a matter of fact, she can melt to the floor as if it is the end of times, at just the mention of the words, “we need to clean up this house!” However, when she’s motivated, she does a great job of straightening up her room. She will work for Sweet Frogs.

y on life

She is smart. She can be silly. She is sensitive and intuitive and feels obligated to help others make good choices. She recognizes unfairness in the world and sometimes thinks her little brother gets more attention than she does. When she’s tired, she turns into ‘goo’ both physically and emotionally.  She has her Daddy’s entrepreneurial spirit and often creates goods that she longs to sell to our neighbors and random driver-bys. (Selling girl scout cookies has helped curb this craving a bit!)  She’s a good reader. She’s got an arm on her that makes her a bit of a softball star in my eyes.  She loves horses. She’s all kinds of awesome.

Meet X. I always say that nobody loves me like my X, because he is my only cuddle-er.  He was born ‘sunny side up’ as they say which really matches his personality.  We have told him that story and he has embraced it, saying that is why he is special.  To say he is a fan of The Avengers is an understatement. He’s a fan of all things superhero. He can play, by himself, for hours, lining up cars, building with blocks, flying figurines through the air as a part of a very complicated story line and plot.  He is funny. He is very quick-witted for a youngin’ and he makes us laugh a lot.x on life

Oh, but  is he ever loud. From the minute his feet hit the floor, he starts talking and sometimes, I’m not sure he stops for very long.  He has a lot to say and he makes sure he is heard.  I had the same strawberry blonde hair that he has when I was that age, but other than that, he looks a lot like his Daddy.  He loves puzzles and has the amazing stickwithitness to get a whole 100+ piece puzzle finished by himself.  He kicks his shoes off everywhere and never knows where his jacket is, but he loves to help with the laundry.  He is shy for about 3 minutes and then gets very comfortable in most environments.  He thinks he can swim a little better than I believe he actually can, so I’m thankful that the large water slides make him just a little nervous. Other than that, he has no fear and as soon as we get another inch of growth on him, he will be my roller coaster rider!  X, my monkey, simply rocks.

photo (3)

Then there is the dog.  Ugh. Sigh. He’s getting better. He is. *she says trying to convince no one but herself* Even though Felix refers to him sometimes as ‘squirrel brain’, I’m convinced that he is smarter than he lets on. He just hasn’t figured out how to live with us yet.  His life is not so hard–he stays outside in nice weather tazmanian devilduring the day. Then he sleeps on my couch at night. He will work for treats, but is terrible at coming when called. He’s skittish for absolutely no reason. And I’ll be honest, his personality is a little bizarre and I haven’t figured him out.  I think it is also fair to say that he hasn’t figured me out either.  His only saving grace is that he is still a bit of a puppy, so he might outgrow himself. He has been recently ‘gifted’ to the boy child and amazingly actually does really well for him.  X is happy to have someone to boss around and the dog doesn’t seem to care too much.  So, it seems to be working, so far. At least, he no longer resembles this:

And then there’s me, the writer/producer/director, just trying to keep up and capture the essence of our little “show” in action words, everyday.

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FYI: Some images belong to me, others found their way here courtesy of Google Images, not sure where they lived before that, but ...

7 responses to “Star. — Meet the Characters of MommyVerbs

  1. Jan says:

    Oh how I loved this one!!!!! 🙂

  2. Jan says:

    Maybe H is a boy’s dog….

  3. Kathleen says:

    Laughing at your description of the loud boy and remembering watching as you carried him through the end of the Kids’ Fun Run (?) while he tooted on some kind of horn at the top of his/its lungs!

  4. Lead Our Lives says:

    Loved this! Fun!!

  5. […] Yesterday, we ran. Felix and I together. (By the way, I am hearing from some of you that you don’t know who the heck this Felix is. Ha! Here’s the story:  MommyVerbs: Meet the Stars […]

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