Engaging Each Day with Action Words

Walk. — The Talk in Mis-Matched Socks.

on February 11, 2013

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MommyVerbs Confession Time:

Engaging each day with action words is not easy.  As it turns out, actually trying everyday to live with intention is a lot harder …

than just writing about it.

Yesterday, the best friend/partner/hubby, who is now being called, “Fix It Felix” called me on my stuff here.

“Didn’t you just blog about…?”

Busted. Yes, I did. I blogged about being home. Being home and being comfortable with the mess and the chaos and specifically mentioned in words and images, the piles of laundry.

Which, in my defense does not mean that I want to completely ignore the piles of laundry. I didn’t mean that I was ok with it to the point that I don’t think we should ever put away another stitch of clothing again. I just simply implied that I thought, if we really tried, we could do a little better keeping up with the laundry.

Fix It Felix and I had a good healthy chat about better uses of our time which then deteriorated into us recruiting kiddos to be on Pro/Con Laundry Putting Away Teams. He was the one who introduced the Sweet Frog bribery into the negotiations. 🙂 Penalty! Foul! 🙂 Family Fun!

But good ol’ Fix It has a point. A point well-made and well-taken.  In the big scheme of things, piles of clean laundry not put away is so not a big deal.  I completely agree.

But it is a balance.

It is a balance between just giving up and living in squalor and making good decisions about where to spend our precious amount of time.

It is tricky. And it is mostly what MommyVerbs is all about.  Choose wisely.  How you spend your time. And I don’t always get it right. But I’ll keep trying. Everyday. To Engage each day with action words. Walk. The. Talk. Mind the Gap between your actions and your beliefs.  

So, in order to answer the call of MommyVerbs mission, we have compromised.  We have decided that we will try to put laundry away when it comes out of the dryer.

But we are giving up on wearing matching socks.

And I’m totally OK with that.


4 responses to “Walk. — The Talk in Mis-Matched Socks.

  1. Jan says:

    I used to fold all the clothes and carry them, in neat stacks, to my children’s rooms. I would lay them on their bed with instructions to put them away. To my knowledge that rarely happened. But I tried hard not to “major on the minor things” back then. I think that was my term for choosing to “spend time wisely” and not nag my children constantly. However, it definitely wasn’t okay to wear mismatched socks! 🙂

  2. Mis-matched socks is a fashion statement among tweens around here…so your kids are just “hip”!

  3. Ooh, I like that: “Mind the gap between your actions and beliefs”
    Last month I prepared the kids for proper college living. Walking through Target, I pictured the four piles of clean laundry that was waiting to be folded and put away…I always used to be sooo anal and meticulous, but have re-prioritized how I spend my time…That said, I was tired of digging through piles of clean laundry to get to underwear and socks, and hearing the kids complain about it…so I promptly picked up more underwear and socks for us all to buy me another week….Winner winner, chicken dinner…

  4. […] Click here to learn more about our mis-matched sock MommyVerb Adventures.  […]

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