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Advertise. More. — Super Bowl Commercial Life Lessons of the Second Half.

on February 3, 2013

Beyonce … I loved it girl, you gave it your all. I am not judging–That is hard work. I thought you rocked it and I can’t make my knees do that anymore. Well done, you. And I appreciate the reminder that we should be thankful for these moments. We should.

Oprah…you had me at me, well, at your voice, when you talk about pushing swings and dinner tables and walks to take.  We are more than a family. We are a nation. That is whole. Again. When we are all home. And I agree half the battle is just knowing that is half the battle. Proudly supporting our nation’s heroes. Amen. Well done, Jeep.

Hunter Paulin. Be active for 60 minutes a day. Eat healthy. Hmmm..sounds a little like … Eat Well. Play More.  So for that, I say, “Way to go, kid.”

Thanks for being a fan. No, really. Thanks for being a MommyVerbs fan, not just a NFL fan. I. Adore. You. All. I really do.

Two Broke Girls. I hear it is a funny show, I’ve never seen it. In fact, I’ve never seen any of these CBS shows. Maybe I don’t get this channel. Oh, wait. Hmmm. I think maybe my TV is usually stuck on Disney or Nick Jr.

Wait. A new Iron Man movie?! Yes! Now, I’m paying attention. I take the other stuff about movies back. Love. Me. Some. Iron. Man. And definitely worth the babysitter time and money.

Century 21. Awwww.  He helped them move just down the block. That is sweet. Blackberry. I don’t get it. What it can’t do? What?  Baby= cute.  The rest of it = dumb. Or maybe I’m getting tired. Wait?! Was that Tom Sellack? What just happened?

I believe in Lucky Chairs. I do. Maybe that will make the lights come back on.  Because with these highlight of the game I was just semi-watching, I’m going to excuse myself to go clean up the kitchen.

And still…waiting for the lights to come back on…enjoy a direct and real quote from the boy child: “Is anybody still watching this? You are over there reading on your phone (Dad). You are over there in the kitchen, dancing.” (Yeah, that was me, I was doing my best Beyonce impression while cleaning up the kitchen.  I was trying to bend and get back up quickly, without pain and injury. I still need some practice.) Yes. We. Are. Still. Watching. It. Well, Kind of. Not really. Just waiting for the next commercial. Just feeling bad for New Orleans. And the Super Dome. Again.

But my kitchen is clean for tomorrow. Good. One less thing. Because the girl child was super messy with the crab legs.

Wait. Should someone be tucking my kiddos into bed?  Yes?

Play Ball. Finally. Apparently, it is Februany. What? I don’t care. I am getting tired. And that commercial is annoying.

Lucky chair gets a second chance. For fans who do whatever it takes. And apparently, Niners fans might not be above a little power outage to change some momentum in this game.  I do believe the Ravens may be able to call ‘foul’ about the lights going out. And some car commercial says we should ‘Respect the Tech.” Well, definitely we should respect the electricity technology. Because now we seem to have a ball game.

Then there is something about a favorite t-shirt. I think. Followed by Gangnum style pistachio  healthy snackin’. Sure.

Speed Stick.  Really, Handle it moment?  Yeah. Just cheap jokes at this point. Followed by a scary black fish for some beer.

Ah…here we go. A classic. Landslide + Budweiser Clydesdale Pony = Love. Now, we are talking.  Perfect.

“Looks like an ugly Deon Sanders.”  Because the next rookie sensation probably won’t be Leon Sandcastle. Ha. That’s kind of funny. Lesson here–we may be old, but we can still run, jump, and catch. Well, some us that are Deon Sanders can.

So, God Made a Farmer?  Amen. Again. To the farmer in all of us. Farmers work hard. They do. I’m thankful for them and I know a few of them who do work hard-er. And that Paul Harvey speech is just. plain. good. stuff.  Ok, but I’m not sure Dodge should get any credit for any of that. I don’t know any farmers who drive a Dodge. Chevy and Ford, Yes. Dodge? No. Just sayin’.

Where DO babies come from?  That’s a big question, Caillou. The wheels on the bus go round and round, round and round…la la la lalalala la la la… And apparently, no stain is sacred in MontanaLand. That one was funny, Tide. But Soda Stream… stop. Just stop.

Glad to see the kid didn’t make the deal with the devil for the Mercedes. Those never work out well. Good choice.

Samsung. I like Seth and Paul as the Next Big Thing. I’m a fan of clever, witty banter. Always have been. But that is 60 seconds of my life I can’t get back, I’m afraid.

Now there’s less then 2 minutes and although I’m a Niners fan, kinda, I feel like the power outage maybe the real winner of this game. The night the lights went out in N’awlins’ and gave us a real ball game. Super Bowl XLVII.

And with that…my job is done here.  Congrats, Ravens. Good Game. Good Game.

P.S. In case you missed it, here’ s the first half. 


3 responses to “Advertise. More. — Super Bowl Commercial Life Lessons of the Second Half.

  1. indytony says:

    Here’s my Super Bowl ad – check out my humorous prompted poem “Colin Who?: A Super Bowl XLVII Poetic Tribute”. You can find it at –

    Leave a comment and let me know what you think.

  2. Lead Our Lives says:

    I really like your perspective on the ads. I agree with you. Worst of the evening – anything “Go Daddy”. GO Ravens! – yep…I’m a fan. Lived in the area for 20 years. Love them all!
    GREAT post! as usual!

    • MommyVerbs says:

      So glad for you that your team won! I don’t follow football, really, I am just one of those folks who shows up for the big game! Just for the hoopla of it all and to be able to participate in any conversations on that Monday that might revolve around it. Ha! Thanks for the props — I think you are pretty awesome!

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