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Advertise. — Life Lessons from the Super Bowl Commercials. At least the ones I watched…Up Through Halftime.

on February 3, 2013

Make everyday epic. Perfect beginning. Yes. Let’s All Go, Do That.

Bravery. It’s what defines us.  There are some things you won’t regret doing. There are some things you’ll regret not doing. That is just true.

Doritos are bad for your health. On so many levels.

Go Daddy is just inappropriate and I’m glad that I turned the channel, but sad that I had to try to explain that nonsense to the girl-child who was watching and saw the beginning of that. Come on, now. You can do better, people. Do better.

Amy Poehler is funny, and I like her a lot. But I’m not sure that was Best Buy’s best use of funds. But she is still funny.

Calvin Klein. Really? I mean, it is obvious that those models have worked hard in the gym. That should be a commercial for Crossfit and Crunches, not underwear.

Daddies should always be willing to play with their little girls. But leave the wedding dress in the box. That ain’t right.

Drama is never good. Put. The. Drama. Down.

Poor Beyonce’. No matter what. She will sing. Live.

It’s only weird if it doesn’t work.  Weird. But true. We all have superstitions. Rituals. Things we do that we think help us win.

Put your big idea online. Be first. It goes back to bravery. Commercial was kind of dumb. But I agree with the idea.

We watch too much T.V. as a nation. We just do. We should turn it off more.

I don’t pay attention to the movie previews. I know good and well that I wont be able to go the theater to see them. They are not worth the babysitter time and money right now.

Protein is a good thing to start the day. Milk lobbyists tell us it should be milk. I’m not so sure about the dairy. But…The Rock is still cool. And even cooler as a Dad.

Turbo. It is better to be up front. It is.

Survivor. That is still on? Really? Awesome.  I was around for the first season. Actually I created the original Survivor parties at the Kile’s house…when the only thing on the menu was rice. Back in the day. That was awesome.

Jamaican accents make everything better. Get in. Get happy.

Girls can rock football, too. Sam Gordon. You. You are awesome.

Coke is yucky. Don’t be fooled. It is just a mirage. You’d be better off drinking sand, mixed with sugar. Just Don’t Do It.

Jared. Congrats for maintaining your weight loss for 15 years. Seriously, that is an accomplishment. Subway or not.

I’m all for “live more.” It is a good philosophy no matter your age or the language. But Taco Bell is still. Just. Gross.

GoRun2 running shoes–Thanks for saving the the gazelle. I was getting nervous.

I’m always looking forward to the Grammys.

Ok. Football is kind of like baseball. Kind of. An American tradition. I’ll get on board with that, NFLRevolution. It is good to play a game and have rules and work to protect it.  I’m all in. It’s tradition. And I whole-heartedly believe that you don’t monkey with tradition.

I. Hate. Hardees.

And now start the regional commercials. Internet Providers. Local hospitals. Eh. Been there. Done that.

And my halftime report is this: My ‘Niners haven’t started playing yet. Maybe they are distracted by the commercials, too.

If I’m still awake, I’ll do the second half, too. We. Shall. See.

Make it happen, Beyonce’. You got this, girl.


7 responses to “Advertise. — Life Lessons from the Super Bowl Commercials. At least the ones I watched…Up Through Halftime.

  1. I don’t watch sports (OK, NASCAR and snow boarding – that’s it!) so I missed all the commercials. So thank you for the update! Loved it! Instead, I am watching Hubby retype the entire 2 blog posts that he asked me to ghostwrite for his guest blog posts…that I worked on all afternoon. I should have just had a nap!

    • MommyVerbs says:

      Glad I could save you the time of watching the commercials. Now you can participate in pop culture conversations that happen around you. Happy to help! By the way, I enjoyed the hubby’s guest blog posts and the history lessons along the way! Fun stuff!

      He retyped it all? 😉

  2. indytony says:

    Here’s my advertisement. I wrote this humorous prompted poem – “Colin Who? (A Super Bowl XLVII Poetic Tribute)”. I’d love for you to check it out at:

  3. Jan says:

    Beyonce is getting mixed reviews. I wish I could bend down and jump back up! Go Beyonce!!
    The commercials are a disappointment as usual…I miss the good old days. Let’s all turn off the tv and EAT better!

    • MommyVerbs says:

      I agree. I don’t know why everyone is hating on Beyonce. She’s a force to be reckoned with and I say, Go, Girl Power! She’s got talent. She can sing, she can dance and she has made some great things happen for herself, without seemingly losing herself in the process. Not all business women can or need to do what she does…there are lots of definitions of business and success…but I believe we, as women, need to encourage other women to succeed, not tear them down for how they do it. Compared to some in the business of music and celebrity-dom, I think she is a fine role model of a powerful woman. And I said that to Y. So, there. 🙂

  4. […] Advertise. — Life Lessons from the Super Bowl Commercials. At least the ones I watched…U… Feb […]

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