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Introduce. — A New MommyVerbs Page. Say Hello.

on February 2, 2013

Introducing a new MommyVerbs page: Eat Well. Play More.  See it there? Look to the right…third little maroon button (that turns yellow when you hover on it) from the top. Yep, there it is.

Be nice. Don’t be shy. Say hello. Come in, have a seat and put your feet up.  I’ll get you some hot tea.

I know, I just told you about the new series that I want to add as a part of my MommyVerbs blogging…but thanks to some very lovely fellow WordPress bloggers, I have learned more about mysterious things called pages, categories and tags as a part of this journey.

While I am completely and absolutely in love with MommyVerbs, I have been trying to find a way to pull my passions together and tie them up with a pretty little bow. Remember the Converge post? That was me, struggling with it all.

And here is what came out of that struggle:

Eat Well. Play More. Apple.

Eat Well. Play More. is my journey to become a health and wellness coach on the side, you know, like in my spare time.  And it is a journey. It is something that I started almost a year ago. It is something that I started and then stopped and then started again.  And I’m learning. I’m learning something new everyday.

For example, I learned yesterday that there is new research out there that indicates high fructose corn syrup, you know the stuff that is added to tons of the food we eat, the food our kiddos eat, might actually stop two hormones in our bodies from doing their jobs.  Leptin tells our brain that we are full and should stop eating.  While ghrelin is the hormone that tells our brain when we are hungry.  High fructose corn syrup might be keeping us from hearing those messages.  Could this explain why we eat when we are not really hungry and then don’t stop until we are so full that we feel sick?!

It is this kind of stuff that motivates me.  I want to help myself, my family, other busy families like mine, kiddos, Mommas, my friends and colleagues and anyone else around who is interested in learning more about health, nutrition and primary foods. And along the way, maybe finding a little balance between our beliefs and our actions.

So, Welcome. Be my guest.  Invite your friends if you like and make yourself at home.  Please know that MommyVerbs will keep rocking and engaging the action words, telling funny kiddo stories, reflecting on life, challenging some thinking…but don’t be surprised if a few Eat Well. Play More. posts pop up every now and then.

Let me know what you think.  I’m curious.

**Which by the way, much thanks to Karen of Do Not Get Sick in the Sink, Please  and GlitterMamaWishes (and a few others that I am still searching for because I can’t find the conversation posts) for their help in the Community Pool last weekend.  You guys were like little blogging lifeguards, helping me learn to swim!

And I do feel like I am jumping into the deep end! CandyBAAAAAAALLLL!!! (Which is what the boy-child actually says when he does a cannonball into the pool!)




4 responses to “Introduce. — A New MommyVerbs Page. Say Hello.

  1. 43fitness says:

    You are like the diamond with umpteen jillion facets. Health and wellness will look smashing on you!

  2. Encourage! Validate! We have continued on our quest for cleaner eating through the years. Once you know, you can’t un-know…what a fun journey! BTW–don’t look up how processed food manufacturers add fiber to food, and what cellulose is…

    • MommyVerbs says:

      Now, you know I’m going to go look that stuff up. Inquiring minds need to know. But I’ll add ‘caramel coloring’ to the list of things you don’t want to know how ‘they’ make. Thanks always for the encouragement and validation.

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