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Plan.– How to Escape the Tunnels at Chuck E. Cheese.

on January 21, 2013
Chocolate Milk

Chocolate Milk (Photo credit: jlz)

Morning Musings over ‘Chockley’ Milk … with X.

When X wakes up, he tiptoes down the stairs and stumbles into the living room where he curls up on the couch, looking little and chilly. So, I dutifully cover him up with a blankie and he promptly asks for some ‘chockley’ milk, which I am usually already on my way to the kitchen to get for him.

Then, as he slowly wakes up, you might be privileged to hear a random X story–whatever he is thinking about–he always has something to say.

Here’s his story, word for word…The only thing missing here is his little voice and the way he says his ‘wowrds’ with r’s that sound a lot like w’s and th’s that have and extra ‘f’ or ‘s’ in there somewhere.

“One time when we went to Chuck E. Cheese and I fink I was like free and Z. was there and he was maybe 5. And we were playing and we were in the climbing tunnels and there was this girl. And I don’t fink she has ever washed her feet. They were really diurty and she made us smell them. And we both said, “Ewww.” And just for saying Ewww… she trwapped us. And we couldn’t get by.
But I have a plan for when we go again. In case that girl is there and in case she trwaps us again. I know we are not there now, but I want to tell you what my plan is.
So, if she is on the right, we can go to the left really fast. Or if she is on the left, we can go to the right really fast.
Or the other plan is  — if she traps us, Z. and I can split up and I can go one way and Z. can go the other way.  And then the girl can chase Z. and I can escape. I don’t know what will happen to Z. or if he will get out…but…hmmmm….”

Long Pause…..

Well, at least he has a  plan. Sorry, Z. I’m sure he will work on the part where he comes back for you, buddy. 🙂

250 px

250 px (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


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