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Recover. — And I didn’t even say it out loud this time!

on January 19, 2013

Every now and then, I will spy a blank spot on my calendar.  Random. Empty. Space. Which is quite rare, but means literally no meetings or deadlines or even other family or kiddo obligations.  Trust me. It doesn’t happen often.


When it does, I secretly start saving this day. Saving it for myself. And I start dreaming up the things that I could do.

Glamorous things like, clean out my closet.

Or purge the house of extra stuff.  (I don’t know why I always want to do this. I just do. Don’t get the wrong idea, my house is fine, it is lovely and not too, too cluttered at all. I mean we do LIVE here, so we need some stuff.  I just actually would love to be on one of those shows where they empty your house for you and force you to sort your stuff   into three piles: keep, toss or sell. Plus the show would bring lots of production assistants who would be, oh, so helpful.)

Or just catch up on my other projects — the writing I want/need to do; the books, the blogs, the fun stuff.

Or…just be in my house alone, by myself.  That almost never happens.


I have learned over the years to never. NEVER. Ever. Say these intentions out loud.  I have learned that every time I declare out loud that I plan to take a ME, a catch up/time out day…something. Always. Happens.

It is a proven fact.  I think the universe has something against ME taking a catch up/time out day. Inevitably somebody gets sick. X or Y will run a random fever, needing to stay home from school.  Or the sitter will be sick which means X needs to stay home with us. Or…

This time it was me.

The ironic part is that I was very careful about not declaring to the best friend/partner/hubby or anyone else, that I was thinking about taking a day to catch up. I secretly made plans to see a massage therapist for this shoulder pain I’ve been having. I made plans to catch up on some writing and classwork. Then I did it.  I took a pencil and lightly drew a line across this day on the calendar to try to keep it in the clear.

That must have done it.  I put that out into the Universe. And the Universe said, “No, I know better. I know what you need.”

And apparently what I needed was two…count them…two days in bed. Sick. Icky sick. Miserable sick.

It was the Universe’s own version of a natural detox.

There were even a few hours that I was indeed in my house, by myself…but mostly because others wanted (and needed) to stay far away from me. That is not what I had in mind.

And even if I hadn’t been sick…yes, we did get the snow day we were anticipating after all. So, the day I had planned as a ME day would have been interrupted by snow anyway.  Everyone would have been home anyway.  I wouldn’t have been able to drive anywhere, anyway.

I would have preferred that to what I was recovering from, but… anyway.

I still find it so incredible.  And ironic.

Fortunately, today has been about recovering and refreshing everything.  I stripped and washed all of the sheets and wiped everything down, trying to make sure that the germs don’t linger.  I certainly don’t want to share that with anyone.

I burned some epsom salt and and some new soy candle tarts; made some chicken noodle soup and then went outside and watched X and Y and the neighborhood kiddos as they went sledding.

Universe -12; Me-0.  Smiling again, I say: Well played. Lesson Learned, Universe, Lesson Learned.

(**whispering behind my hand–“next time I won’t make a single pencil mark on my calendar” — Shhhhhh**)


3 responses to “Recover. — And I didn’t even say it out loud this time!

  1. Guy says:

    Glad you are better.

  2. “Murphy’s Law” – It’s so nice to meet someone else who lives in this world. Glad you’re feeling better. Good news … closets always wait!

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