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Stretch. — A rubber band across the country.

on January 6, 2013

Rubber-Band Man

What’s the most time you’ve ever spent apart from your favorite person? Tell us about it.

Two years ago, the best friend/partner/hubby and I had an opportunity to travel across the country to attend a conference. The hotel in a dreamy little surfing California city, paid for. Travel for one of us, paid for. Found a pretty awesome-hard-to-pass-up fly stand by kind of deal for the one of us. And somewhere during the planning process, we even tagged on an extra day to drive up to Los Angeles to see a loved one (and a show.)

We were excited to go.

We planned.

We packed.

And the night before we left the kiddos with my, very capable to take care of everything, Mom…

We panicked.

We had never been away from the duo for more than a weekend…this was going on being apart for 5 days.

And finally, the entire night before our flight, I prayed. I said prayer after prayer after prayer. Bring us back safely. Keep them safe while we are gone. Give Mom strength to make it through.

So, the day came. We drove to the airport. Got on the airplane and we took off.

And as we flew, I watched the landscape change as we traveled from one coast to another.

And I felt it. It was like a rubber band was stretching with every mile we traveled.  Stretching from where I left my heart to the adventures ahead with my love.  It stretched and stretched and stretched.

It never snapped.

The best friend/partner/hubby and I enjoyed a really lovely getaway. We laid on the beach and soaked up some Vitamin D during the winter. We finished a few sentences, even had a couple of conversations.  (We did go to the conference, too, by the way.) We took a bike ride down the coast and even brought back some of the local surfer talk and way of life as souvenirs.

And as soon as X and Y were back in my arms, the rubber band took its original shape. Same as it was. And we were all the better for the little bit of time and space away.

hb surf 2

hb surf


3 responses to “Stretch. — A rubber band across the country.

  1. Agree. Beautiful description. Big Guy had always been with either me or my Mom, so when Mom & I went to Europe together (dream of a lifetime), it was really hard to say good-bye, and really good to come home!

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  3. The rubber band is a fantastic metaphor for the mommy/baby bond. I tagged you for the next Big Thing. It’s not much to do; the interview part is fun to write about and I thought of you the instant that I was tagged myself. 🙂 It’s for the book inside of you waiting to come out.

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