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Space. — Accommodating the To Do list as it goes.

on January 5, 2013

Take the first sentence from your favorite book and make it the first sentence of your post.

**”Instructions No.1


You need a large wooden frame and enough space to accommodate it.” **

Within that large wooden frame, you make your life. You make choices each day, each hour, every minute of what that life looks like. Those choices define your space and describe how you spend your time and your energy.

Today, I woke before everyone who lives in my house, as usual, went downstairs, started the coffee pot and then I did what I do on many a mornings in my life.

I wrote my TO DO list…the list of things that I would like to accomplish today; the items that must be done; the tasks, the errands, the appointments.

Today, my TO DO list looked like this:

It was short and sweet–Clean the house. Purge extra junk around the house (including putting the holiday items back in storage. Take the girl child to her Girl Scouts Meeting at 10 a.m. I also need to catch up on some school work and work work to get ready to get back to the grind on Monday.

I was determined. I was up and at ’em early. I had big dreams of boxes of stuff that was headed out the door today. Clean out the kitchen. Work on the reorganization of the garage on-going project. MY nightmare of a closet. Y’s room. Oy. The boy-child’s room. Holiday stuff in storage and regain control of the dining room which had become holiday interim storage central.

And I had the motivation to match the determination. My goal: Make Space.

While the girl-child was away this morning, I ‘attackled’ (as X says) her room and found that she does indeed still have carpet under the clutter that is her room. And then…it was time to pick her up.

Continued upstairs with the other kiddo’s room, found more superheroes than I knew he had and even hung a poster than had been in wait.

I did some laundry and then recruited the family to help me carry tubs o’ red and green to storage.

Next up, was working on the purging projects of the garage and that nightmare of my closet.

Just then, the best friend/partner/hubby suggested we go on a bike ride. Like… drive to a great trail about 20 minutes from our house and really, go on a bike ride.

My first response was almost, “why don’t you take the kids? And I’ll stay here and get some things finished.” I had visions of the house to myself and getting some major things accomplished. Boxes of extraneous stuff headed out to … someplace else. Space. Again.

I had to choose–how I make my space–where I spend my time and energy.

I chose my people. I chose to stack four bikes into the back of the truck and head down the road to that trail. I chose time with the best friend/partner/hubby, X and Y. We enjoyed a brisk, yet sunny ride and I am both impressed and very proud to say that we made it a 6 mile ride. Not bad for a 4 year old on his new-just-a-little -too-big Avengers bike and a 7 year old on her butterfly bike, not to mention two 40+ year olds.

My house is still full of stuff. The laundry is not finished, not by a long shot.

But my heart is full, my life is full, my family came first today. Even though the stuff is still here…my large wooden frame still has enough space to accommodate this life of mine.

**The first line from How To Make An American Quilt by Whitney Otto.**


2 responses to “Space. — Accommodating the To Do list as it goes.

  1. Sunshine says:

    Fantastic! Your house is full of love…and the laundry? No worries. There will always be a pile waiting somewhere…it grows on its own while you sleep. haha…well done.

  2. […] I enjoy a deadline. A timeline gives me purpose. We all know how I feel about a good ol’ fashioned To Do list. […]

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