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Resolve. No, Intend.– and…”Happy Calendar Day!”

on January 2, 2013

if lucy fell

Happy Calendar Day!

Ever since I saw this classic movie of the 90’s (the best friend/partner/hubby has just asked me to check my use of the word, ‘classic’… ahem…) I have always wanted a huge painted calendar on my wall. Thanks Joe MacGonaughgill. Brilliant. It is just bonus that on the first day of each month, you get to paint over the whole entire thing and start over. Fresh. Granted, their calendar was counting down to an unpleasantness based on an unrealistic expectations…but come on, it was all in the name of dramatic romantic comedy. And we knew that they had to get together before the credits rolled and without jumping off of the Brooklyn Bridge.

After seeing “If Lucy Fell“, just in case you want to add it to your Netflix queue (which by the way I highly recommend both the movie AND the soundtrack of which I own both), I created my very own holiday. I celebrate it 12 times a year and I have indoctrinated the best friend/partner/hubby, as well as X and Y, into marking the occasion(s) as well.

I call it: … Calendar Day.

The highlight of the tradition is the ritual of the turning of the calendar page. Yes. Pull the pushpin (ironic?) out of the wall. Turn the page. Try to push the pushpin back into the same little hole in the wall. (I am a complete failure at this part and keep the multiple tiny holes carefully hidden from specific family members.)

And then, on the first day of each month, you confuse the heck out of people by wishing them a “Happy Calendar Day!” with much enthusiasm. It is my own much less hostile version of the infamous made up holiday– “Festivus for the Rest of Us!” (circa Seinfeld early 90’s).

A new page on the calendar not only brings a new picture of my kiddos and family to look at for the next 30 days or so. A new page on a calendar brings a new bunch of activities. Maybe a new season. Maybe a trip to look forward to or an agenda-less Saturday to relish. A new page on a calendar brings celebrations and events, deadlines and accomplishments.

That calendar is really the life of my family, captured in 12 pages. Every December, I spend way too many hours online, often late at night, creating the next year’s version of this family month by month scrapbook. It takes a lot of time and a lot of photos and it is nothing short of a treasure, if I do say so myself.

Bonus: A new year brings not only a new page, but a whole. New. Calendar.

Anyone who knows me, knows that I am a big fan of New Year’s. It is in fact my favorite holiday, along with my birthday… and that I am typically a sucker for Resolutions. I have made many a promise at the stroke of midnight–kept some, lost some, forgot some, changed some.

I have grown to discover, both in my ‘professional’ life and my personal life, that I am much more interested in the process and not so much the product. That would be the most successful resolution to date: Be aware. Be present.

Sadly, it is not something that can ever be checked off as being done…”Yes! I did that!”….No, that one is constant effort.

So this year, for many reasons, I am being intentional about not resolving anything. Instead, I am going to be intentional in setting some intentions for me and for/with my family.

Tonight we will sit down as a family and create our Family MindMap for this season.

We did this at the beginning of last summer as a way of making sure the days didn’t go by too quickly, before we blinked and it was time to go back to school. There is always a bulletin board hanging in our dining room that I use to display the random and varied artwork and schoolwork that comes home each day. I covered it with paper and we all went to work answering some questions and setting some goals and intentions. It became a living To Do list. When we found ourselves with some family time, we checked the board to see what else we needed to do. When we did it, we put a little check mark by it to prove the accomplishment. It became a visual representation of our essay: “What we did over summer vacation.”

We are going to do this again. Tonight, as our family resolutions, no, intentions.

What family fun things do we want to do together?

What do we want to learn?

What do we want to teach others?

Who do we want to spend some time with?

What places do we want to visit?

What can we try to do better?

How can we help others? What will be our acts of kindness?


Then, we will all do our best to … Go, Do That.


8 responses to “Resolve. No, Intend.– and…”Happy Calendar Day!”

  1. 43fitness says:

    I admire your family oraganizational skills. Not the busy for busy’s sake organization, but the profound history building stuff. Maybe that will be MY new intention this year!

  2. LOVE the MindMap idea and am blatantly stealing it!!!! I always keep a ragged Post-It of running activities we want to eventually do in the near future, but I love the togetherness and visibility of your Intentions, as well as the other questions to address. Thank you for sharing such an important tradition!! And btw–I think of you often and what an abject failure i am. I so hope you don’t think i don’t appreciate your amazing nomination of my blog. I have not made the time for acknowledging it properly yet due to (insert excuse here). I DO appreciate it, and you, and feel like a heel for looking otherwise! Happy new year!!!

    • MommyVerbs says:

      🙂 Never, ever feel bad for focusing on other things in your life over something that I lobbed in your direction! 🙂 I think you and your blogspace is ah.may.zing and you could never, in a million years, be a ‘heel’. 🙂

      I should have revealed in my blog that I blatantly stole the ‘intentions’ board from a good friend of mine and then tweaked it to fit our family. Are there still completely original ideas out there… or do we all just take one that calls to us and then make it ours? Go forth and set your intentions! Make it yours! 🙂 Happy 2013!

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